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Lourdes Galletti
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Cantor Fitzgerald

New York, NY 
Age: 33
Executive Assistant

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Lourdes Crohare

On this day, the 20th Anniversary of 9/11, I pray for you dear friend. I did not know you personally but ever since that horrific day, when I learned about you, I have prayed constantly for you and for your grieving family. When I saw the list of victims and saw back then that there was a special one that shared my name "Lourdes", i made it my mission to pray for all but especially for you. We are both named after our dear Mother Mary, Our Lady of Lourdes, who has brought about so many, many miracles since she appeared to Bernadette in 1858. May you rest in peace dear friend.

Lourdes Iznaga Croharé

Dearest Lourdes:
As always I remember you in a special way today. I offered the Mass this morning for you as well as the other victims of 9-11 but especially for you family and friends who miss you and grieve for you, may the Lord comfort them and help them find peace. You are special to me. All my love,
Lourdes I. Croharé

Millie Baez

Lourdes my sister-in-law, today marks 11 yrs & I will never forget your smile & sense of humor. How I miss you dearly & feel your presences. You will always be in my heart & will never be forgotten. I love you & until we meet again. RIP

Love Millie Baez

Lourdes Iznaga Croharé

Dear Lourdes:
Today we commemorate the tenth anniversary of that horrible, tragic day for you, for the other 3000 victims, for your families and friends and for our country. I am sure that today every American is grieving. As always I have you in my prayers as well as the others who died that day. Even though I didn’t know you, you are very special to me. We share the same name, and I have prayed for you since then. May you rest in peace, and may your family and friends find comfort and resignation. May our country learn from this tragic event in our history. All my love, Lourdes Iznaga Croharé

Gladys Mateo

Hey there Lourdes, tomorrow will be 10yrs and your memory and full of life presence is instilled in my vision of you. For some reason I believe you are at peace. That gives me such joy. Millie and I always talk about you. We love you! Until we meet again sis in law! xoxo
Gladys Mateo

Lourdes I. Crohare

Dear Lourdes: Another anniversary of that tragic day. Even though I never knew you, I found you 9 years ago. My name is Lourdes too. I have prayed for you since that day and always will. May you and your family and friends rest in peace. Love, Lourdes Iznaga Crohare

Gladys Mateo

Looking up at the sky your smile radiates as usual. Not a moment goes by that I don't think of you. Your voice still alive and the silly laughs fill my memories. So much has happened since we last spoke. I still feel the pain when 9/11 approaches. I just watched the news and saw a young man who has been growing trees for the memorial grounds. It resembles life and there is a tree across my house I stare at it daily, it is the same tree. I get a sense of peace when I look at it. I know you are in peace it is you that shares your presence. Your light will forever shine in my world. God bless you always! I miss you sister in law.

Gladys Mateo

8 years ago seems like yesterday....I still hear your voice and laughter... You live all around me. Girl I tell you the thought of you being in a better place makes soothes me. The tears are of reflection and never forgetting the loving memories. You are missed.....as usual you are honored today I have my bracelet with your name on it and Chelsea will wear her Lourdes G. shirt to school as she does every 9/11.

Carmen Diaz

Querida Primita

Que mi Dios te cuide y te proteja en donde quiera que estes y que algun dia tenga la dicha de volver a verte. Fuites una base bien importante en mi vida. Para mi no eras un simple primita, eras una hija una amiga en quien podia confiar. Solo me satisface que en momentos tristes de tu vida, yo estuve ahy para hacerte reir y hacerte olvidar tus tristezas. Te amo. Siempre te recordare.

Migdalia Algarin Neely

To you my home girl I send a special prayer for you always kept in touch till the end. I lift my head up high and full of faith because someday we will both be together again giggling at the girlish things we did in High School.->(M.D.B.) Your hair, my hair, it didn't matter to us just as long as we had fun. Farewell my friend until we meet again.

You are NEVER forgotten. Farewell!
love Dalia
& On Behalf of all you friend at MABEL DEAN BACON 1986

Wilma Garcia

Dear Lourdes,

Today marks your one year anniversary, and still I cannot believe that you're gone...why? That's all I can ask myself. I wish this was all a dream...I wish one day I could walk into Evelyn's livingroom and see you sitting on the sofa like you always did, but I know that won't happen. What I do know is that you're here spiritually and you'll always be in my heart. I love you and miss you Lourdes. I miss your crazy sense of humor, and no matter how bad things ever were, you always knew how to turn it around to make it better. Rest in peace Lourdes...you will forever be in my prayers...