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James Andrew Gadiel
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Cantor Fitzgerald

New York, NY 
Age: 23

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Allie Lewis

Hi.. my name is Allie Lewis, i go to Notre Dame high school in Ottawa, Ontario. I was assigned to post something otno this site.. as words of engcouragement to the families and/or whoever would be reading this. At first this was just another regular assignment for me, until I really looked at the list of people who were lost on september 11th. I guess I never fully understood the loss, sure I had heard about it on the radio and still in the news, but I guess I never fully understood the loss. I'm not that good at writing poems, so I found a prayer,off the internet, I know that when I read it, it gave me strenth, it made me feel that we will get htrough this and show that we are the better people here. I hope that this poem can offer as much encouragement to you as it did to me.
A Prayer For All America

The whole world are crying out ' why?'
As we watched those planes leave the sky,
And cause so many innocent victims to die.

We stopped and stared, our eyes were glazed,
The nation was shocked, more so amazed,
But we were powerless as we all gazed.

The skyline was beautiful, powerful and tall,
We were speechless as we watched it fall,
Our hearts go out to one and all.

Revenge is wrong, but someone must pay,
Killing more, won't take the pain away,
But uniting together is the only way.

We won't let this happen any more,
Or it will lead to all out war,
You mark my words for sure.

So let the terrorists think that they've won,
While they laugh and cheer at what they've done,
Because this world WILL unite as one.

We'll give them a slap in the face,
As the buildings get put back into place,
And prove WE are the true HUMAN race.