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Richard S. Gabrielle
World Trade Center, New York City, NY

West Haven, CT 
Age: 50

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Bob Cammaroto

Rich was my first employee at the Veterans Benefits Office at Stony Brook. He was a great guy, much valued and respected by his collegues --- some of whom were rather irreverant to others, but always respectful of Rich. He was a mainstay of the office, and I considered him a friend more than a subordinate.

I still see him coming to work directly from class, wearing his dungarees and his Air Force fatigue shirt. His good humor and gentle manner still bring a smile to me, all these many years later.

At one point, I had to undergo some surgey, and Rich took on the job of procuring a get-well gift for me on behalf of the office. He got me a great baseball glove, which he and I both used a good deal. I still own and treasure that glove, and now all the more. It will be passed on to my son, Nicholas (now 5), as a remembrance of a good guy, a good friend, and a good man, who loved his family.

Rich is in my prayers daily. So are you all.

Bob Cammaroto

Jeremy Antunes


My family and I send our deepest and most sincere thoughts. Things will be difficult but you guys are strong women and I believe that you will come out ahead. I am sorry for everything.

Jeremy Antunes
New Haven, CT