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Thomas Fitzpatrick
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Sandler O'Neill and Partners

Tuckahoe, NY 
Age: 35

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To the family of Mr Fitzpatrick:

Yesterday I sang (tenor) in our Elko, Nevada 'Rolling Requiem' (Mozart's), with a badge with your family member's name on it, so I felt very keenly that I was singing especially for him and TO you. There were several people who mentioned to me after our performance in our local auditorium (named in memory of my own mother who died of metasticized breast cancer in 1987), that they noticed we all had badges on our T-shirts that, as we sang, reflected soft 'glare' back into the audience, and made these people curious as to the origin of that reaction. As I thought about that, I felt perhaps it could be the spirit of the people for/to whom we were singing, approving of our participation in this endeavor, and encouraging each of us NOT to forget them, and the tragic event that we commemorated, but to FORGE ON to do our best to defend our country and live our own lives in such a manner as to be 'beacons' to those people with whom we come in contact. I felt 'in touch' with him, and with you, and will keep you in my prayers.