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Anthony J. Fallone Jr.
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Cantor Fitzgerald

New York, NY 
Age: 39
Bond Broker

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Nancy Abel

Dear Family of Anthony,

Today is September 11, 2011.
I have "never forgotten."

My Facebook page has the 9/11 Memorial and the name my Facebook wall was randomly designated to honor is Anthony J. Fallone Jr. It is my privilege to have his name on my Wall. I am so happy to have found his memorial page here. It says he was age 39. That was my exact age as well at the time of his death. You are welcome to email me at any time at nancy_abel@att.net. I hope it brings a small piece of comfort knowing Anthony is on my Facebook page for people to see. I'd be happy to let you see it if you contact me on my email. (I can send you the link.) It looks beautiful. Thank you for letting me share this. I will save his name and post it every year in rembrance of him. I wish you so much happiness, comfort, and love.

Nancy L. Abel
Greenwood, Indiana

Mary Lisbeth Bartlett

Dear Fallone Family and kids:

We (my husband, Roy, then 11 year old son, Oliver and I) will never forget meeting your relatives on the 1st anniversary of 9-11 at the Folklore Museum near Lincoln Center. We watched them search for a very long time to find Anthony's square on the museum's amazing 9-11 quilt. Once they had found it,we were so touched by their love and admiration for Anthony that we offered to take a picture of the square and send it to them, as they didn't have a camera. We were in Manhattan to mark the anniversary of the attacks, and we really believe that your father's spirit touched our lives that day.

We couldn't believe that even in a time of such indescribable grief, you took the time to write to us to thank us for that picture, Mrs. Fallone, and we thank you and bless you for doing that. This breif exchange made 9-11 very personal for us as a family in a new way, and we will never forget it. We keep the pictures-- Anthony's quilt square, the picture of Anthony in the New York Times, the beautiful letter and picture of the 5 of you at Rockefeller Center during the holidays in 2001 soon after your father's death, as a tribute to Anthony, as well as to your amazing courage and spiritual strength as a family. We pray that all of you are thriving today, on this, the 3rd anniversary of that terrible day in history, and we pray for your continuing courage and strength in the years to come. You have touched our lives in a very special way. We send you our love, and pray that someday, we will be able to meet you and thank you again in person.

Much Love,

Mary Lisbeth Bartlett, Roy and Oliver Backes, originally from Manhattan, now living in Philadelphia