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Victor Saracini
United Airlines Flight 175

Lower Makefield Township, PA 
Age: 51

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Jo Ann Biviano


My name is Jo Ann Biviano. I am from Moorestown, New Jersey, and am a singer/songwriter/pianist. I have an inspirational song that I wrote about 9/11, entitled "I'll Always Remember". It is a song of hope and reflection. My hope is to have this heard all around the world and that people will "connect" with it and remember the day when we were bound in such a unique way.

I would be honored if you would give this song the opportunity to be heard on your page. I believe it would be soothing and relevant to those listening. Here is the link.


I wish you peace.

Jo Ann Biviano

Marisa Stevenson

I have been thinking of Mr. Saracini since sept. 11 2001. I am not sure exactly why but his name has stuck in my heart. I think about him and his family everyday. I actually have a bit of a story to tell. I was always a baseball fan and never a yankee fan. I did not like the yanks at all. I thought they were arrogant and obnoxious and their fans only liked them to be on the yankee bandwagon. well last october while watching the marlins and yankees I started following the team. I fell in love with them. My favorite player is Jorge Posada. Well today I was watching Nine Innings from Ground Zero and I saw Brielle on there. I did not know who she was but I saw the letter she wrote Derek Jeter and it was signed Brielle Saracini and I just started crying. It was as if God showed me that she was okay and that nobody has forgotten him. I just wanted you and your family to know that I pray for you everyday. I hope you are well. Thank you for doing the interview for HBO. God Bless.

Marisa Stevenson


As of last July 2001, I , too lived in Lower Makefield. I was shocked when I heard that someone from my very own hometown was involved in this tragedy. I can't imagine how the family feels, about this, considering I feel so much pain. I give my deepest condolences to the Saracini family and I hope they know that many people are praying for them continuously, on their venture towards recovery (even though we know life will never be the same without Mr.Saracini). America loves you and you will have always have our unwavering support and rememberance. God Bless You! love, Abby Clark