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Christopher S. Epps
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Marsh and Mclennan Cos. Inc.

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Phillip Epps (His Nephew)

As I sit here at my laptop in my first year of college. I just can't accept this. I am so angry at this fact and need to release it. I spoke to you that morning of the accidnet. I should have spoke to you longer. I am sorry Christopher. Theres nothing I can do now and I hate it. I cant't even say to make up to it for good grades in college. Nothing can make up for it. I am not at piece. At least I can talk to you somewhat through this link, but its not enough. I can just remember my eyes light up when you would answer yes when I ask to"play you game." I had to get pushed in your room by my sisters sometimes from being scared. I wish I can have you hear. Your the reason for my success. I just want to hug you. You use to palm me to the ceiling wit one hand and I would scream when I was little. It was apart of you training me for the bigger test. What I am saying to you now is not enough. I want to stay here and just think you will respond.

Rosella Cresten

It was with the most greatest of sorrow that today september 13th 2004, I found out about the death of Christopher S. Epps.
I know that at the time that all of this was going on, I was very upset by the whole act of murder unfolding before all of the world. I know I kept praying that much more people would be found alive. I never felt scared like I did that day. I just didn't want to believe so many lives were lost...
As I don't want to believe at this moment that such a gentle young man such as Christopher is gone...
Christopher was a student I counseled back in Mercy College. He was my favorite student. He had smile that would lift you up if you were down. His laughter could only make you laugh with him. Christopher had a way about him that made that was clear he was a special person. And yes, Christopher was a gift sent from God.

I will miss him dearly!!!!!!

Ange Beauvais-Anglade

My friend.. you are missed.

Love you always,