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Elizabeth Ann Darling
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Marsh and Mclennan Cos. Inc.

Newark, NJ 
Age: 28

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It’s 2019!!!! When this happened I was a child 4th grade to be exact now I’m 28 same age as you were. It’s saddens me to know you lost your life at an early age becoming a successful woman raising your precious son. May your rest with the Heavenly Father.

From Atlanta GA

Elizabeth Derobertis

Today I visited the 9/11memorial and came across your name, and as I did tears came flowing. My name is Elizabeth Ann and seeing your name their put into reality just how precious this life is and how quickly it can change. I came home and looked you up, I felt I needed to honor you and acknowledge your life. May God hold you in his arms until your family is reunited in Heaven.

Carol Darling

Liz is my Cousin and the short moments that we spent together throughout our lives were good ones. There are no words to express how much our family love and misses you Liz. Grandma Ivy talks about you everytime I visit. I feel her hurt and sadness that you cannot visit her. I enjoy reading the comments from your friends and other family members. They remind me that we are not the only ones who know how special you are.

Marie T. Carney

I knew Pastor Darling through his church in Yorktown, and have been praying for him & his family every day. I still feel the pain of 9/11, as I imagine all of us will. We will see each other in Heaven, where there is no terror.

Constance Jackson

Well, My Dearest Lizzy, your sweet presence is so much still missed – the ache never goes away. Today, July 28th, is your son, Mikey, Jr’s, 4th birthday. His daddy threw a fine birthday party for him last Saturday, where many family and many friends (tiny people and big people and a poodle, too) happily celebrated his day. It’s two years later now, and Mikey Jr. is so handsome (of course, a great grandmother is fairly prejudiced, you know) and he’s quite big and tall already. He speaks very clearly and seems to be a gentle boy even while being a very strong one. His daddy deserves much praise for the way he has taken on such good care of him as a single parent. Remember how we’d bandy back and forth about exactly who Mikey Jr. looked like and you’d repeatedly tell me that you thought he looked just like you and I’d constantly say, “No, Liz, he looks just like his daddy”? Well, now he has begun to look like you, too! He has absolutely everything a little guy could possibly want, including mucho love from all. I just thought you’d want to know how wonderful we all think he is and how well he’s doing.

Love, Grandma Jackson

Constance Jackson (Manhattan, NY )
July 28, 2003

Safiyya Jackson

"I miss you Elizabeth."

Leslie Alba

Hi, Im Leslie, Im 13 years olf from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

There are not enough words to express how I feel about September 11th. It saddens me to know that you, along with many thousands of innocent people, were killed because of such a violent and hateful act. I will pray for you and you family **always**