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John Dallara
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: New York Police Department

Pearl River, NY 
Age: 47
Police Officer

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John D'Allara

May the family of John D'Allare know that he is now at peace with God..we will never forget the hero that he was on this terrible day of tragedy...We think of you and will never forget this day..May God Comfort you all. You can rest assured that John is now in Heaven With God and you will all meet again.

Thinking of you in Prayer,
Janet Bellini


As a retired Mass Police Officer I have
worn a John Dallara dog tag since they were released. A true hero always.


John Dallara NYPD. That is the name that appears on a bracelet that I am wearing today and that I have worn many days in your rememberance since 911. I never knew you, however in reading the other words of you above, I see that you were loved. And that you were a loving and caring soul. I lost my mother this year. I know she is in heaven. She will keep you in good company until I get there. My friends son joined you as well last month. I really think heaven must really be a lot of fun right now with all of you there. I look forward to meeting you when I get there. Until then, I will make sure to remember who to look for when I get there by wearing your bracelet from time to time.

Kirsten Page

John, you don't know me, but right after you gave your life I purchased a sliver bracelet with your name on it, and every year on this day I try to learn something more about you to carry on your memory. I wish I could thank you for what you have done for all of those you have left behind. Thank you and may you rest in peace...heaven has a special place for heroes like you.

carmelo frabasile

John, I ran into your brother danny today I gave him my condolences. After talking to him I started thinking of you. John you were a big part of my youth as my football coach as my nieghbor but most of all as my friend. John thanks for all the confidence you gave me on the football field. John I never really got the chance to thank you because you were always around and we always shared a story and a smile. Your brother told me how things went down in the trades. John I always looked at you as the pillar of strength and was always proud of you but never like today. Ilove you John God bless your family and your soul forever. One last thing my friend when you see my sister in heaven tell her that I love her.......Your freind always, Carmelo Frabasile.

Mary Schmerbauch

Mary Schmerbauch

Dear Family:

Our family attended a World Wide Requim tribute on September 11, 2002 at the Basilica of St. Josaphat in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I attended the service with my mother and mother in law. Each of us were given a badge with a person's name on it my mother in law proudly wore your name on her badge. We had always thought it would be interesting to know something about the person with whom we honored that day.

My father was police officer in Milwaukee Wisconsin and passed away in 1976. There has always been a closeness between the families of police officers everywhere. And the only way to discribe it is to say you have to be one to know what the family goes through.

My heart goes out to you and please know your loved one will be in our prayers.

Should you wish to contact me please do so through my email address (mschm@milwpc.com). I would love to send you the pin that was worn so proudly.

Mary Schmerbauch


John, my heart broke when I heard the news. It seemed impossible to me to be hearing what I heard. I'll never forget your smiling face and soft disposition...While I hadn't seen you since the days of the Viking, on City Island, the news took my breath away. I can still see you helping me carry my Hammond B-3 organ in and out of the club, lifting one side all by yourself, with three of us on the other side. I'll always remember seeing you standing in Richie's apartment, in the basement of you parents house on Allerton Ave., watching us rehearsing. Most of all I'll never forget your sweet and kind disposition, wondering who the lucky girl would be, to end up marrying you. You were always a true gentleman, always there with a laugh and a smile, as well as a helping hand. May you rest in peace, and know that there are hearts breaking for you and your family, here on earth... You have left a footprint in my heart, although we haven't seen each other in years. I will miss you, and will pray for your family. Until we meet again, thanks for your friendship...Your pal, BUDDY