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Welles Remy Crowther
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Sandler O'Neill and Partners

Upper Nyack, NY 
Age: 24
Equities Trader

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In my 9th grade english class we had to choose a hero to research. I searched long and hard to find someone who i felt really made a difference, and i feel this man did. You are one of my heroes. My Uncle Jimmy was in the North Tower on one of the top floors and was never found. I think about him everyday, and i hope he is in heaven with you.
So thank you Welles Crowther, thank you for making a difference, and for being my hero.

God Bless,

Andraya Trybus

The man is a hero.

Kate Michalski

I wear Welles name on my left wrist every day. I was blessed to receive a mercy band with his name on it the Christmas of 2001. He travels with me most everywhere. I pray for his family (and Welles) every day but I pray to him as well. So often I have wanted to write to his parents but I do not wish to cause them more anguish than they have already suffered. However, I would like for them to know that without ever knowing Welles in this life I feel his presence ever so often in my heart. I have two sons, John, age 23 and Matt, age 14. Just thinking of Welles can bring tears to my eyes and I tell everyone that will listen of what a brave and wonderful person he was. Matt suffered oxygen deprevation at birth that resulted in neurological damage to his legs. The tendons in his legs are under normal ranges. It means that he can't run like normal kids. He loves sports and this year made the personal commitment to play freshman football. It has be a struggle. I ask Welles every day to be with Matt and give him the inner spirit that he will need to accomplish his goal. Matt made it through 8 weeks of summer weight room, football camp, and is one week+ into the season. He is struggling but still there. So when you feel at your end please know that I (and my family) feel your pain, your loss, and are praying for your peace of heart and strength of spirit. Thank you for the gift of Welles. I only hope to meet him one grand day in a much better place. Much love, many prayers,

Kate Michalski
Mercerville, New Jersey

Bailey Jennifer Woolfstead

Thank you.

Alan Pew

Welles' story moved me beyond words. Welles Crowther was the sunlight in the terrorizing darkness.


This story touched me when my father woke up this morning...September 11,2002...he was wearing a red bandanna in memory of Welles Crowther. I didnt know his name at 10:00 this morning or a year ago! But I thought to myself...this man...there arent words to describe what he did! I cant put it into words if I could but...he will be in my mind...and his family will be in my PRAYERS to God! May Jesus Christ watch over them all...not to exclude everyone else that was involved in this attack!


Lisa Williams

I learned of Welles's story today, and I have rarely been so moved. What an incredible person--someone that anyone would be honored and blessed to call son, brother, friend. I pray for this heroic young man's dear ones, and for his eternal peace and happiness.

I keep thinking these words: "Greater love hath no man than this . . ."

With respect,


Devon Davis

I am from a small town in New Jersey called Mt. Laurel. The effects of September 11th didnt hit hard here for most people. I am fortunate enough not to know anyone that was in either of the towers. When I heard about Welles Crowther while watching television his story jolted me. Everyone that went into the towers that day are heroes. But for someone to actually stay in there even after seeing the destruction first hand is miraculous.


After hearing the heroic story of what Welles did, I pray that someday when I have a son of my own that he will be as caring and brave as Welles was.


After just listened to Welles' story, on the 1st anniversary of September 11th, I am amazed that there are people as truly as caring at heart as Welles was. Welle's sacrificed his life, to help others, just as Jesus sacrificed. Thank God for people like Welles.

To his family: Look at this day with pride and happiness, for you know that in all of this grief, Welles did saved many people's lives'. God Bless you and be with you at this time.


Denise Murrey

Welles was a true Christian. I have a 20 year old son who, as a preschooler, carried a piece of his Dad's red bandana to school each day. That bandana gave him security just as seeing and remembering Welles' bandana gave security to those he assisted. His heroic acts connect us all. May he rest in pease knowing it was a job well done.

John Champion

the next time you read or hear the words, "what would Jesus do?"

Welles actions as described in the NYTimes article is EXACTLY what Jesus would do.

May God have pity on us and show us his mercy. May He reward those who are selfless with eternal life.


Carlos Labastida

Welles Crowther was taken from this earth but in his death others lived. He was indeed an Angel of hope for all around him, and an inspiration for the rest of us. Let his sacrifice never be forgotten, and let us always remember that he proved the potential that all human beings have. He chose the right path. Facing such unthinkable evil, he demonstrated the ultimate good.

"Then the King will say to those on his right, 'Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world... [For I was in need of help and you helped me].

Thanks Welles! Rest in Peace!

dana ceci

September 11th is a day, an event, a memory, a feeling that has not left me. In the past year, not a day has gone by without me thinking about Welles or his family. When I think of Welles I think of an amazingly smart, humerous, charismatic person. Although I had not seen him much in the later part of his life, he was a vibrant, entertaining figure in our younger years. He and the memory I have of him with live on in me forever. XO


My prayers for the Crowther family during this anniversary of the 911 remembrance.

His bravery will never be forgotten.
Lord, Bless his family and their loss, and their memory of a wonderful human


Thank God for men as good at heart as Welles.

steve fernandes

I have no words to say at the moment but I am sure that God really did dwell in a human being like him.

Dan Kim

I don't know Welles Crowther. I've never met him. But his sacrifice has touched me deeply.

Welles, your sacrifice and devotion to others will always be remembered. I too carry red bandana in your honor.
Your uncommon wisdom and sacrifice will live in our memories forever.
Rest in peace my honorable friend.

Jim Neeck

Welles was a pleasure to be around and to get to know. He always had a smile and a kind word for others. Helping people was in his blood and his final thoughts on this earth were of what he could do to help others. Most of us live a lifetime wishing that we could be as loving, as caring, as generous, and as giving as this man was in 24 years. I think about him often, and if I can be even a small part of the person that he was-and continues to be in our hearts- then I will have accomplished something very special.
Jeff, Allison, and Family, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Welles' legacy will last for lifetimes and his life had tremendous purpose. He is a hero for our times and now a saint in heaven.

Cat Carpenter

Welles had a contagious smile, and I am proud to have known him while at Boston College. My prayers go to his family and friends. I hope that his life can be celebrated through all the lives he helped save that day in September. God Bless you, Welles.