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Charles G. Costello
World Trade Center, New York City, NY

Old Bridge, NJ 
Age: 46
Elevator Technician

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Just want to let the Costello family know that they are always in my prayers and hope they have a good Christmas!! I pray for Charles and his family each day.

Sandy Herrera

Just to say that I have been wearing a braclet for Charles since Christmas of that year and have kept him and his family in my prayers ever since! He is surely an angel!!


Chuck, I have never met you but know your brother Ray. You have been in my prayers since that fatefull day.

I pray that your wife and children find some peace in the knowledge you died a hero.

Tiffany Crane

You are loved and missed. I think of you and pray for you often.

Mary Costello

I pray to you everyday, Dear...Love you forever.....Mary

Mary Costello

I pray to you every Dear...Love you forever.....Mary

Jack Norton

I remember you in every prayer I say. In legal terms you are my "son-in-Law", in my heart you are the son I never had. Untill we meet again I love you Chuck Pop