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Danny A. Correa-Gutierrez
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Marsh and Mclennan Cos. Inc.

Fairview, NJ 
Age: 25

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Danny I miss you so so much every day more and more is almost 4 years after that tragedy and for us is like it happened yesterday.
Be by my side always I really need you.
I want to tell you many things but I can't find the way yet to say all what I want to ell you, is too much pain in my heart and my soul.
I love you so much dear son.
God bless you.

Lauren Hudspeth

I knew Danny from college, we had classes together. I had the great pleasure of knowing Danny, he was an amazing person. He left a lasting impression in my life, Danny was always there to help you out, if you needed him, he was there for you. He was very talented,smart,creative and very funny. He was amazing an person, he has left a lasting impression in my life, and anyone who had the great honor of meeting him feels the same way I do. Danny I will never forget you!


Dear Helman,
My mother was one of the selfless people that came to the aid of the victims of Sept. 11th as a volunteer for the American Red Cross. She met in those days of desparity and you touched her heart. Tonight she spoke of you and shared with me a poem that you wrote and gave to her. Because you had signed it I was able to find out who you were. I just want you to know that thousands of miles away someone is thinking of you and your family. I will say a prayer for you tonight. If you recieve remember my mother, Debra, or even if you don't remember, it would mean a lot to her to know how you're doing. You can reach her through my e-mail: genericjennifer@yahoo.com

Juan C. Correa

Que nuestro senor lo tenga en su santa gloria.

Su pariente de Jalisco, MExico


Danny, my Guardian Angel help me, don't leave me alone, my all life is upside down, I need your help desperately.
I'm in a big deep hole and I can't find the way to get out.
Love you and miss you so so much my unforgettable son.


Please I want to get in touch with Diane and Alex from California, their six years old son wore my son's name (Danny Correa-Gutierrez )at the 9-11 anniversary, and I want to share my son's life with them.
Please forward this information to them or let me know their e-mail address.
Thank you so much.
Helman Correa

Kristie Rutledge

You do not know me. I wanted to take the time and say how special you are. I met your father and sister at a Mets game last night and they shared their story about you to everyone. I must say your father and sister are wonderful people that love you so much. Their love for you was so strong that it touch all of us that were with them last night. I just ask one thing.......please watch over your father and of course you family but I saw the pain in your father and I wish that I could have taken it away. If there is anything that I can do to help the Correa family plase let me know. Oh and one more thing........tell your sister to say I LOVE NY......it's great!
hugs and kisses

Diane and Alex

Yesterday, 9/11/02, I joined others around the world in singing Mozart's Requiem in honor of the victims of 9/11. Every singer, member of the orchestra, usher, camera crew member, and audience member wore a heart-shaped badge with the name of a 9/11 victim. My 6-year old son wore Danny Correa-Gutierrez's name. He wanted to know more about the man whose name he wore, so I promised to find out for him. He even wore the badge to school today. I just want Danny's family to know that here in California, there is a little boy whose heart joins yours in praying for Danny. "Requiem aeternam dona eis Domine, et lux perpetua luceat eis. (Eternal rest grant unto them, Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them.)"

We never knew Danny Correa-Gutierrez, but we will never forget him.

God Bless.

Diane and Alex

Mariella Bohorquez

Para la familia de Danny,
Yo quiero que sepan que no estan solos en su dolor. Todas las personas que conocimos a Danny, lo vamos a tener en nuestros corazones.
"If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it."
Good Bye Danny...
From your friends of Emerson High School. (Class of 1994)

Maria Salamanca

Un oracion a Dios y la viegencita por el alma de Danny, quien a dejado en el corazon de sus y hermana una gran tristeza, un gran dolor de ver que ya no esta aqui con ellos, compartiendo sus vidas, Danny dejo un lindo recuerdo a toda la familia y amigos, era un gran chico, un buen amigo, un buen hijo esto y mucho mas es lo que se escucha decir de Danny, pues a DIOS le pedimos por el descanzo y tranquilidad de su alma y tambien le pedimos para que le fuerza a sus padres, hermana, la niña, de seguir adelante con mucha fuerza por que Danny los estara acompañando de donde quiera que este.

Maria Del Pilar Salamanca
Presidenta Organizacion Civica Cultural Colombiana


Without you, my poor life has no direction. My dear son, mi Guardian Angel, teach me how to deal with this.
I can't do it.
Love you so so much.


My silence says eveything, I miss you so so much.
I don't know what I'm going to do.

Eriel F. Barcenas

Diggy (Danny)
I still sometimes wonder where it all went and how exactly so much change came so quickly. In our youth we made promises when it came to our dreams. It scares me to think I'm the only one of us who has the oppertunity to see them lived out. In our years of separation it ws easier knowing you were somewhere believing in me. I'm not sure which of many is the worst. Knowing there's a vacancy of someone who believes in me. The fear of seeing or speaking to your family and our old friend Matt for fear of saddening them. The daughter you leave behind which you so desperatly wanted in your life. Then again, I'm not sure which of many is the best. Finding you agin in time to be a part of your life again. Sharing the stage with you one last time. Knowing that you'll always be with me cheering me on. Diggy I will continue the dream and the search for that one ear. I'll hold precious all the good. Most Importantly I'll always remember, "The two of us lifting latches, lighting matches, On our way back home."

You shall be missed brother.
Eddie Paxil (Eriel F. Barcenas)


My hero, my beloveid son, every day I miss you more and more, is impossible pass one single day without say, remember or having you in our lifes.
You was and are so big for this world,
that's why God need you up there.
Protect us Pop, Mom, your sister Jessica and your little angel Kathrina.
We need you so so so much.
God Bless you my Guardian Angel..


hey spacemn,
i miss you dude. i had to take down all your pictures from my wall yesterday because they're tearing it down tomorrow. but don't worry, they're all in a safe place and once my new room is complete, they will ALL go back up, so that i can always look up to you. i'm still spreading the music around. everyone who listens fall in love with yor words. i know that makes you happy, because it makes me feel like the luckiest man on earth for playing side by side with you for all these years. one day, we will play again. take care, buddy.