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Gerard Coppola
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Wnet-Tv

New Providence, NJ 
Age: 46
Broadcast Engineer

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Mike Roche

Dear Rod,

You always made me laugh. My greatest memories are the 'Pirate Radio' stations that we built (the AM transmitter on Hoffman Blvd in East Orange, and the 3 Watt FM stereo at the World Trade Center playing Patsy Cline and the Ramones for a whole weekend - then pulling the plug when a Howard Stern fan called in to ask Joey Ramone "when did you get your own radio station").

I miss you , I love you, you will always be in my heart and soul.



Rod you will be missed. I can remember the good times you, Eddie and I had in the recording studio. You will always be a part of our family. May God bless your family.


"When you are facing your last moment on Earth, be strong. Don't squirm. Then you will realize in an instant that there is no such thing as time. In that instant, it will seem as if we had never left each other. I look forward to it."
--Mark Salzman
Until then Daddy, I send you love.

George Coppola

Rod was my brother and best friend. He was a kind and gentle soul and his family misses him deeply. Rest in peace dear brother.