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Laurie Neira
American Airlines Flight 11

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G Margolis

I live in Sydney, Australia, but just wanted to express my deepest sympathies to the family of Laurie Neira and all the other people who were so tragically and brutally taken away on that awful day 5 years ago.

May Laurie's soul rest in peace forever

Kathleen Thrift

My name is Kathleen Thrift, and I live in Jacksonville, Texas, and I have a memory bracelet with Laurie's name on it. After September 11th, a lady made these bracelets and put a name of every person who died or was involved in the attacks on a bracelet, and you can order them. You can either request a name to be put on your bracelet, or it can just come randomly. I got the one with Laurie's name on it, and every time I wear it, it reminds me of what happened, and I pray for her family. I never knew her and may never know her family, but I want to tell them that my heart goes out to them, and every one affected by her death.