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Anthony Joseph Coladonato
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Cantor Fitzgerald

New York, NY 
Age: 47
Vice President

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Lee Carpenter Family

We are from a small town outside Lubbock, Texas and in 9-11-2003 a major local bank in this area constructed a Field of Flags honoring every person who perished in the 9-11-01 tragedy and our family was honored to purchase the flag that represented Mr. Anthony Joseph Coladonato, a 47 year old, Vice Presedent of Cantor Fitzgerald. While he was only 1 of the 658 Cantor Fitzgerald employees who lost their life on that day, we have been honored to fly that flag in rememberence on each September 11th since, but this will be a special display comemorating the 10th anniversary of the loss of this very special victim. Blessing and prayers to his entire family and to the Cantor Fitzgerald Family as well

Lee Carpenter Family
Slaton, Texas

Domenic Coladonato

Dear Coladonato family, I was horrified to hear my family name the day they released Anthony's name. Although we were not related, I can't help but wonder how many generations ago our roots were of somehow intertwined. The Coladonato name is rare and only came from one part of Italy (Abruzzo). On behalf of the Coladonato family in Montreal Canada and Montenerodomo Abruzzo, Italy our deepest condolences. A part of Anthony perished with us on that sad day.

Clint Thomsen

I live in Utah. Physically I was far away from the tragedy, but my heart was there from the minute I heard the news. I watched the Fox News Channel days on end at the edge of my seat. I saw many families of victims interviewed, but one hit me hard. Two brothers of Tony Coladonato. I saw the anguish and desparation in their faces as they held up a picture of their brother and pleaded for any information as to his location. At the time, they weren't sure he had died in the tragedy. Today, a year later, I saw his name on the list of the dead. To his family, I express my deepest sympathies. If I could have been there I would have lifted rubble and searched until I was too weak to pick up another piece of concrete. I wish so bad that I could offer comfort to his family, and I wish solace to Anthony, who, no doubt, is alive and well in a glorious place in the next world. I hope my words will offer you comfort.

Vincent & Amelia Ferruggia

We offer our prayers for Anthony.