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Kevin Cohen
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Espeed (Cantor Fitzgerald)

Metuchen, NJ 
Age: 28
Desktop Support Person

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Sharmaine Moore

I worked with Kevin a few years back when he worked for IBM Global Service in Warren then Somerset, NJ. I found out that he was in the building in November of 2001. Since then, the sadness became more personal. I haven't been able to stop thinking about his smile and sense of humor.

Although we only ran into each other every now and again after being laid off, it was like we were still working together and seeing each other everyday, we didn't skip a beat.

Kevin I'll miss your bear hugs.

You'll never be forgotten.

l morgan

I did not know you personally too well, but I do know that you have touched the lives as so many that I have known. So many people are sad that you are not here with them that you have to know that you have touched the lives of so many. I pray for you and your family that you rest in peace and do not know the horrors of this world.

Jason Cohn

I'm not sure I know words great enough to convey how amazing you are, and how much you're missed. I've been playing a lot of music and always, ALWAYS, think of you. When we first started jamming together, i remember that we were jamming a song, and it fell apart (after your kickass keys solo)because I didn't know how to jam. You shot me a smile and said the following words, "It don't matter what notes you play, just keep on playin." It was pretty sound music advice at the time, but it has grown into the most profound and beautiful words I've ever been told. I love you so much, and think of you constantly. I can't possibly say these words enough. I love you and miss you so much. It was a complete honor to have you as such a great friend. I've shared thousands and thousands of great stories about you/your kindness with friends....your memories are still bringing laughter and smiles to many. That's how it should always be.

mike perrotti

Kevin, not a day goes by that my heart does'nt ache. It hurts so bad and I only wish that I could have said goodbye. You're a great friend; so harmless,innocent and such a beautiful person. They could'nt have taken a better man. May you forever rest in peace and God Bless the Cohen family...
"I'll keep moving through the dark, with you in my heart, my blood brother."
-B. Springsteen