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Geoffrey W. Cloud
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Cantor Fitzgerald

Stamford, CT 
Age: 36

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Karen Tully

I live in Brooklyn and the day after 9/11 I found a business card for Geoffrey in my garden. His card has been on my altar and in my prayers ever since. My thoughts are with you this day.

Yvonne K. Allen

I remember Geoff from high school. I didn't know him very well, but I knew him. We didn't hang in the same circle of fiends, yet, I knew him. He was a good guy who went on to graduate from high school in 1983 and further his education and attended law school. We didn't keep in touch and I know more about what he did when he was alive now because of his senseless, tragic and not to mention untimely death. He had a family and lived in Hartford, CT. He was an attorney working for Cantor Fitzgerald, in the WTC in NY on the 104th floor. He wasn't heard saying any catch phrases. He wasn't famous to the world. Now his name appears with over three thousand others as a victim of an unimaginable tragedy. I don't know any of the other victims, but once, I knew him. As for the others, someone is in pain because their loved ones are gone. I am saddened because Geoffrey W. Cloud, (like the others) is not just a name. He was a well loved hero on September 10th too...

Nicole Dunn

We grew up in the same neighborhood in Sudbury, MA. I lived on Kendall Road and Geoff on Tanbark Road. I was sad to hear that someone that I remember from my childhood had passed away in what is the worst day in "our" generations history. The world has changed...since those great days at the pool club, riding our bikes carefree up and down Kendall hill, meeting friends on the corner to hang out and the countless other fun things that kids do.

I only wish for peace in a time where many don't want peace and freedom. To live carefree where the wind can blow in our faces and the sun can shine down upon us and feel good. We can wake each day and go about our days without worries. I use to think that being in the United States we were safe from all of the terror and war. That was before Sept. 11th. Now I still live on but remembering what happened on that fateful day that I woke up to someone screaming on my boyfriends answering machine to "turn on the g-damn tv right away!" To be 3,000 miles from home was scary. To hear that people I knew died and other innocent people that day was sorrow.

I can only now say prayers for Geoff and numerous others that have crossed my path in life that passed on that day. Bless his family and I will always remember growing up in my neighborhood.

Nicole Dunn