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Kevin F. Cleary
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Euro Brokers Inc.

New York, NY 
Age: 38

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Its been almost 3 years. Feel as if i'm still not back yet. Seems as if the whole world changed that day., aside from your being gone, It has forced everyone to be kinder, more compassionate , and loving of eachother. Although we live in a time of fear and uncertainty .I will always remember the good times we shared , and never forget the lessons learned along the way. i miss you very much , as i only wish we had more time. In any case , i will not fear death , or demise , as it is eminent. However , i will live my life with courage , faith , and leadership. i am no longer angry with the those who cannot understand . they simply have not been shown the way. I will try the best i can to lite the path, and look forward to seeing you soon. please say hello to everyone up there. tell them we are coming , but running a little late. : )
Keep Smiling Handsome.

Love , Danny

john pugliese

Dear K.C. it was 1 year ago today that i last spoke to you. You liked the Giants and under. I just went to a mass for 9/11 victims. There isnt a day that goes buy that i dont think about you buddy. Rest in