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Karen Martin
American Airlines Flight 11

Flight Attendant

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Steve Guichard

Knew Karen at American Airlines. I will always remember her sitting on the jumpseat in the cockpit... Always outgoing, friendly, and professional. Flew with her a number of times on the LAX BOS transcons. After the memorial plaque was placed at LAX, I would go by to touch her name inscribed there. I am long since retired as a Captain at AA, but think of Karen often to this day, and am profoundly saddened at her life cut so senselessly short. My thoughts and prayers go to her family and her memory, as well as the others lost on that tragic morning. The loss can never be repaired. Never forget 9/11,

Gina Simonelli, Northwest Airlines/Delta Airlines

My Dear Karen,
I will always remember your energy for life and your bravery in the devistation of 911.

When I am flying in the air; I think of you often and how brave you where on that day!
The last time I saw you we were on the crew bus from Chelsea; you were on your way to L.A.
My thoughts and prayers go out to your family and friends.....We will never forget.....

Jeff Brown

For Karen, I am also disappointed that there aren't enough visitors to Karen's site as others. I didn't know her, but she seemed like a really nice lady in whole life. But the horrific encounter along with the seriousness of assault she incurred deserves better recognition than what she is getting. I certainly hope my words will compensate Karen for that. Don't worry Karen, I will think on behalf of others for you.
I am sorry about all that has happened. I learned a lot about the events on Flight 11 besides, the other three flights involved, because flight 11 I feel deserves special attention among all the events in the worst tragedy of American history. Flight 11 was the first to be taken and first to hit the WTC. I feel Karen deserves utmost special care and sympathy because of learning that she and another fellow female flight attendant on flight 11 took a direct assault by being stabbed by the highjackers. I didn't know you except from what I heard in the news. But after hearing about the traumatic sudden events, I ask why did this have to happen to a lovely lady I am seeing in the photo among the list of other victims on flight 11? And who would want to harm you? You seemed like such an angel and a nice person to have around. At least with high hopes, and faith, you should be now resting in peace and comfort, and wash away the pain. You are always in my prayers, Karen.


I trained witj Karen at American and became her roommate in Dallas. I will never forget her exuberamce and delght at being part of the best airline in the world. My sorrow for her family both at home and at our company is unfathomable. What an angel.. God bless all of those of you who remember and loved her like I do.


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Peter Bardsley

I am a writer/journalist and have found your life and deeds inspiring. I would like to know what has been dedicated in your honor, such as a
building, street, a tree planted, plaques, etc.

Peter Bardsley


It is truly a blessing to know how many people where touched by Karen and how a pieces of her is still here in the hearts of her friends and family, loved ones. A person never to be forgotten but remembered with love and a smile

Rob Brown

I thank God for having you in my life. We were all about 4 years-old when we moved into Danvers. From there, we all got to know your strength. I'm so glad you got to meet my wife Lorie and wish us a happy birth of our first child. I think of you and pray for you every day.


Chad Crosswhite

I once knew, and loved one Karen M. Martin of Colorado. I do not know if this is the same Karen, or not. I am sure however that she will be missed, and loved forever by her family, and friends who knew her. Although, I have not heard from my Karen since 1995 I do feel that God is with her, and our son N.J. Always.

God Bless all Vets, Fire Fighters, and Policemen who gave thier lives to save others. 9/11 will always.....

Karl Zogg

I knew and know Karen Martin. I first met her in the Colorado ROckies at a party we both were invited to by a mutual friend. Oh, I just stumbled on to this site for the first time ever right now.

She was the best person I ever came to know (my Mom of course, too), always kind and open minded to all and everything. She took a leave of abscence for the ski season and boy did she maked the most of it! She skied with the best,often being the best and always cheerful. I can't begin to type enough nice things but difinitely can't find a single bad one and that sort of says it all.........God bless Karen who will never be forgotten.

K (-;


I knew a Karen Martin in high school, and when I saw the name among the list of those killed on 9/11, I had to check to see if it was the girl I knew. It wasn't. Thank goodness for that, but I also noticed that not a single posting had been made for this other Karen Martin who was a flight attendant. This made me sad, as thought nobody cared enough about this woman to post anything(although I'm sure they do -- one site said she had a brother in LA). Or maybe her loved ones are dealing with their grief in their own way. I don't know. What I do know is that I saw the name Karen Martin, and I was moved.