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Vernon Cherry
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: New York Fire Department

Age: 49

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Alvertis Smith

I was watching a show on t.v. and saw the picture and name Vernon Cherry and A sense of needing to get to know more came over me and after reading more it was certain this was truly a good man and Loved by many. too his family I am sorry for your loss and now I feel like I knew him also...Thanks for being there for so many.

Debra Allen

Vernon I will always remember your smile you will be missed. Always in our hearts~~~Woodside, NY.

Jessica Cherry

It has been 9 years since the twin towers were attacked taking the life of my Uncle Vernon Cherry. It's not surprising to me how many people Veron has touched in his death because he did the same in his life. I will never forget him because he is in me, my blood each and every day I have the privilege to breathe the air I breathe.

Gone but not Forgotten
Jessica Cherry

c holt

I never met Vernon Cherry but only saw the Dateline story on him, which inspired me. Since then I have never forgotten his name and have searched other sites and read several postings about him. From time to time I think about the story and what a fine person he must have been. His family, community and nation have suffered a great loss. I thank god there are so many fine people in this world! God Bless!

Cynthia Cherry

My prayers are whispered into the heart of God
Gathered there with yours
Thank You and God Bless


I was cruising the web one morning and came across a website like this one. I was surprised how much my brother was loved by so many. I appreicate all your comments. 911 was a wakeup call for me, as well as everyone else in the US. Last time I talked to Vernon was Aug 01 at a family get together. He encouraged me that I would get better, as I was dealing with cancer. Its been over 5 yrs since Ive been cancer free. Pray for me that I can "maintain the miracle". God as healed me as well as that little Perez girl, who had leukemia. In Aug 2001, Vernon sang a song for her with a bunch of other firemen at a recording studio in NY. NBC Dateline aired a story about Vernon and Crystal Perez. After 911 Dateline reported that she was also healed. Vernon was one of 4 younger brothers (Ronnie, Jimmy, VERNON, Richie, and my youngest sister, Cindy. Vernon was special because of his talent and energetic spirit. I cant leave without expressing my faith in God that I know my brother is NOT in heaven yet, but if Im faithful, and you too, will see my brother, and many others like him again when Jesus returns in the clouds of heaven to gather His own people, who were faithful to God and gave their lives for others. God promised us all a banquet when we get there. The Welcome Table. Jesus liked to party too. My God bless you until He returns.

Jim Cherry

Maria, My Brother and My family Greatly appreciate your prayers. Please keep it up. Your prayers are helping, because day by day it is becoming easier to live with the loss of my little brother.

Today I visited the National Fallen Firefighter Memorial, in Emmettsburg Maryland, and Vernon's name was on a plaque dedicated to the 343 firefighters who lost their lives helping others. Now I know my brother is in heaven with all the other heros from that day.


I was in Kindergarten when I first heard of this tragedy. Now I am in 5th grade and I understand better. In Kn, our teacher gave each of us children angels with peoples' names on them to pray for. Mine had Vernon Cherry's on it. And ever since then, my younger sister and have been praying for him and his family every night and I probably will for the rest of my life.

Our thoughts are with you.

Maria S., age 10

Elisa Cherry

"Sight beyound what I see you know whats best for me prepare my heart prepare my mind for whatever comes I'm gonna be ready"--Yolanda Adams You Will Never Be Forgotten

LaShawn Walker

Wow, it's hard to believe it's been a little over two years now. I'm LaShawn Walker from Houston,Tx. I never met Vernon Cherry or his family but I feel like I have. I watched to story of him that his daugther gave. She had a beautiful new baby in her arms, and Vernon's son was in the background. That was about a year ago; then two wks ago I was watching Apollo and they showed a old episode....Tears fell down my face when Vernon Cherry walked out and sang, "One last cry". I knew who he was before they even asked his named cause I remember from the special on TV with his daughter. I sing at weddings as well; and I notices how Vernon loved to sing like me. I didn't have to know him to know he was a kind, humble, and gentle-hearted man. You all are forever in my prayers and thoughts!!! I'm sooo glad I got to tape that episode of Apollo. It would make me happy if I could send the family something. I know u are probably tired of flowers and cards but I have something that you will hold dear to your heart FOREVER. Please email me where I can send to the family something nice. My email address is: lew21_2000@yahoo.com.

Jim Cherry

Vernon,you will always be in my heart as my little brother and as a man who put his family and his fellow man first. The words that Ms. Meryl Vladimer wrote is a perfect example of what Vernon was all about. Now that mom has left this life, she will be with you now. I know you will take care of her until the family is altogether again in the arms of Our Lord, God Bless you.



Jim Cherry

Vernon,you will always be in my heart as my little brother and as a man who put his family and his fellow man first. And now that mom has left this life, she will be with you now. I know you will take care of her until the family is altogether again in the arms of Our Lord, God Bless you.



Ms Meryl Vladimer

he was this really NICE GUY who liked to SING - i met him when i was working on a city run talent show - he entered in the adult category and he was a DOLL to work with, pleasant, dedicated and respectful and he could SING like an angel - we worked together for 3 months and in that time no one had a bad word to say about Vernon - on the day of the show he was backstage helping calm down the little kids who were waiting to perform, he had a smile and a good word for everyone that day and when his moment to sing came we, who worked on the event, stood backstage listening with fingers crossed because (even though we were supposed to be impartial) we were rooting for vernon to take first prize and sure enough, with that voice and that smile Vernon walked away the top winner.

afterwards i got to meet his family and tell them what a pleasure it was to have had the opportunity to work with Vernon and I wished him well and went on to other projects and he went back to his life as a firefighter stationed at rescue 1 in downtown Brooklyn - over the years i ran into Vernon often since it turned out we were neighbors - we would pass in the street or the lobby or the parking lot and stop to exchange updates - he would tell me of a 'gig' he was doing at a club or bar and i would always wish him well and we would hug and go on about our day - me to some theater and him to that firehouse in downtown Brooklyn.

on 9/11 i watched from the safety of my house as terrorists flew planes into the WTC and like so many i panicked while i waited to hear that my Hubby was safe and secure and i cried as i watched the towers crumble taking with them thousands of innocent lives - 2 days after the fact hubby called me to say he had read in the paper that Vernon was among the thousands of firefighters who had raced to the towers after the first plane crashed and he was one of the hundreds of firefighters who had lost his life when the towers collapsed.

A few months later we raised a flag on the common ground of my neighborhood in honor of Vernon - a park was named in honor of him too.

its 2 years later and i still think of Vernon whenever someone mentions 9/11 and the heroes who ran UP while others scrambled to get down and get out of those burning buildings and i like to think that there is an angel somewhere out there in the vast unknown with an incredible smile and an even MORE incredible voice and i am sure he is taking care of business and i am sure he is watching out for all the souls he tried to save that day - tomorrow when you stop to remember what happened take a moment to remember this story and think of VERNON CHERRY AKA the singing firefighter of Brooklyn NY - may his memory live on forever

RIP Vernon


I'll always love you forever and ever Everyone is going to be ok.


Words cannot express the loss we have all suffered. I look at all the faces
posted and I say only one thing.
Please God take care of all the angels taken from us on September 11,2001.