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Michael Joseph Cawley
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: New York Fire Department

Bellmore, NY 
Age: 32

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Catherine Mulligan

Michael was a relative of mine. I beleive my fathers cousin. God Bless him, may he rest in eternal peace. He made the ultimate sacrafice on
9-11-01 doing what he loved and I will be forever greatful to him for that. God only knows how many lives he saved that day. He is a hero to me and his family. I am proud to call him family even though we never actually met. "All gave some and some gave all" never forget 9-11-01

God Bless American

Love Catherine Mulligan
Long Island NY

Michael Cawley

I didnt know Mike as well as I wanted to. He was helping out as a overnight security guard at Victorias Secret during renevations when I had met him. Right from the start we had gotten along. He was very easy to talk to and I had fun hanging out with him. I would go into work hoping that I would see him so we could talk. We even got to hang out a few times after work or while he was suppose to still be working. I might not have known him very long but I was still able to realize what a wonderful person he was. He had a heart of gold and he truly was an amazing person. I feel blessed and honored to have known such a wonderful person. Its not everyday in your life that you can say that you have met a person who has touched your heart and soul like Michael Cawley did for me. He always talked about how much he loved being a NYC fireman and I knew how devoted he was to that. He went into the WTC not knowing what would be the outcome if he went in, but he was a brave soul and cared about helping out other people. He went into that building and I believe helped bring many people to safety but never made it out. He wasnt even suppose to working that day. He had gotten off a very long shift and was suppose to go home to rest. But that wasnt Mike. Once he got the call he was there trying to help as much as he could. I give so much love and credit to fireman and police officers who risk their lives everyday to save people even though their putting their lives in great danger. I will forever miss Mike and I hope he is in eternial happiness and peace. I cried a great deal over his death and attended his memorial service which was very hard for me. He will be forever in my heart and I will never forget him. He was a wonderful person whose life should not have been taken away so soon. He will be a true hero to me forever and I will always miss him. He was always a hero before September 11th and I wish the best for his family. God Bless everyone. My heart goes out to everyone who had suffered from the events on September 11th
Michelle Vasiliu