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Judson Cavalier
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Sandler O'Neill and Partners

Huntington, NY 
Age: 26
Investment Banker

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Jazvina Lahre

Well i remember Judson being a guy who could make anyone smile without even trying as he was so sweet and had a good sense of humour. Never could accept he was gone as we used to talk from time to time due to distance. Every year on this day i always say a prayer from him and hoping he has peace...

Thinking of you,

JazViNa Lahre

Patrick Cody

Two years later, I have just received the news of Judd's loss on 9/11. It is eery the way in which it happened, because I had just bumped into UNH alum Matt Goyette the previous day, a guy I had not seen since about 1998, who was close friends with Judd. The next day, while checking e-mail, I followed some links on the Alumni newsletter to find a memorial page for Judd. I met Judd during my first few days in college and remained friendly with him throughout, but somehow, like so many other relationships that come in and out of lives, particularly at that young stage of life, I had lost contact. I will remember him for being a barrel of laughs, enabling others to see the brighter side.

Ben Healy

I had the pleasure of working with Judd in Vail, CO at Surefoot - A ski boot store in 1995. Together with Russ, Stewart, Tim, and Roger Odouardi, we became the best of pals. Judd was always in a great mood, happy to be living and working in such a great place with such great people. Roger, Judd and I did some running around together during our tenor in Vail: we skied hard together, we drank lots of beer together, but most of all we laughed our heads off together. When we needed his attention, we'd yell "Judson!". Judd had a great sense of humor and I always remember seeing a smile on his face. The best practical joke I ever played on anyone, I played on ol' Judd. He was furious for about a second and a half, then he laughed for about 10 solid minutes. The last time I saw him was in Steamboat Springs when he and Roger were kind enough to drive hours our of their way just to come see me for a beer. That's the kind of excellent guy he was. Judd, wherever you are, your pals are always thinking of you and we miss you dearly. Keep those ski tips pointed downhill buddy...

Your Canadian pal,

Eric Scott Johnson, Jr.

I met Judd on our first day at UNH, his room was directly across from mine in Williamson Hall. I remember him smiling away as if Life could not be better. He was a great friend to me and many others and he will be truly missed.