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Paul Cascio
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Euro Brokers Inc.

Manhasset, NY 
Age: 23

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Steven LeVan

I went to school with Paul in Vermont. He was always a happy, never let things get you down, kind of guy. I met him first while he was trying out for the swim team, he became a part of my swimming family. He was someone I could always look to to smile. Since that terrible day I have changed my life to help support and protect those things that matter to me...to us all. Shortly after, I joined the United States Army, and I like to believe it's because of Paul. You are not forgotten my man. You touched many lives, and we will always remember you. May you rest in peace, and watch over us all as we continue to fight this terrorist threat. God Bless.
2LT LeVan, Steven

Heather Campbell

I attended school with both Paul and Brandon in Australia...I have thought of them often. Now, one year later...I want to send my love, support and prayers to both families....I have thought of them both so much this past year. We'd lost touch after Bond University...but it still hit me so hard to think of them...associate them with this awful tragedy. May the Lord be with all of you...Heather

Anwar Belt

Dear Mr. and Ms. Cascio, Evan and the rest of the family. I am sorry to hear of your lost. My Prayers go out to you. I did not lose anyone on September 11th but everyday I am afraid for my life or the life of one of my friends. I am in the Navy and since that day myself and a bunch of my buddies have gone out to sea to defend our Country. I wanted you to know that myself and others are over there everyday trying to get revenge for what has happened to your family. I wish you the best and May God Bless you Everyday.

gina cascio

dear family of paul, some how i think we are cousins, as we all share the same last name. my prayer is this
"may we all have peace today and everyday.may the loss of paul kindel love. may the pain ease. and your eyes not burn no more. and your breath come to you with out getting caught in your throat. and know that strangers could be family." may you find comfort in your faith as mine i sure is different from yours(wiccian). my beleif for death is called summerland. it is my heaven.
be good to your self and others. and listen the wind once in a while call out his name and live your life.XXX