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James Cartier
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Aon Corp.

New York, NY 
Age: 26

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Claudia L.

I miss you, my wonderful friend. you are always in my heart and prayers. You are my guardian angel now, as you were such a great friend who looked out for me when you were physically with us. You didnt deserve to leave us the way you did. No one deserved it. But we are here now, with a void in our lives since that day happened. What gets me through the day is knowing that you are with God. I thank God that he gave me the opportunity to have a great friend like you. We miss you and will always love you James. xoxo your friend forever Claudia


I was flipping channels on the TV Saturday night (Sept 10, 2011), and as I went past the History Channel I thought I saw Patrick Cartier's face. It was a special on 911, and then I heard the name "James Cartier." I watched for awhile, and I thought about the Cartier family.

I hope this weekend finds the family in good health, and in less pain than past 911 anniversaries.


Tom Schmitt

James you may not remember me but my aunt brought us together. We would work and act together in the our lady of fatima plays. I was introduced to your sister and your family. we all miss you. you always made me smile the way we all joked around. for a short period of time your sister and i dated. you were like a friend to me. a very good friend. thank you. we miss and love you....and although my aunt cant say it she misses you and loves you too....to michele if you ever need a friend. you can e mail me @ tschmitt10@msn.com.

michele melchiore

to john i know you remember me i am so saddened by the loss of james my prayers are with you on this most diffacult day keep yout faith for one day you will be reunited

lisa mascolo keehner

i found this site by accident...or maybe not. i never met James but i just had to say how deeply saddened i am for his family and friends. i will pray for him and you.


To the Cartier family;
I'm so sorry for you loss. I went to school
with James and MIchael at Our Lady of Fatima. Michael was my first "boyfriend".
We were only in sixth grade but I remember the way Michael would look at his brother as we crossed paths in the hallways...there was alot of love, respect and admiration there.
It seems surreal to lose someone in such a tragic way. Again, my deepest condolences to MIchael and the Cartier family.
All our love and prayers to you all,
Alexa Arroyo

Kristen Carter

It is amazing sometimes how we find each other...My parents were married @ OLOF and I was baptized there as well...It is an act of God that I found this sight as my husband and soul mate is Michael Carter, just one vowel short of your angel laid to rest! I will pray to your St. Michael as well as my own, and keep him close to my heart always(i wear the medal every day of my life)...GOD BLESS!

Paul Isolano


I knew James in Msgr. McClancy High School and we had a great four years there. I remember seeing you in the hallways and in class. We always laughed together, especially when we went to Brothers of the Sacred Heart retreats. I watched your family on T.V. tonight remembering three since 9/11. I would like for them to know that I pray for them and you to keep strong. We will all see each other again someday. God Bless James!


Hello. I wanted to write a moment of recognization and express a prayer for James M. Cartier. Today is the date of his birth, and I am sorry that his family has lost him in such a senseless manner. I worked with him before he started Local 3.


i was just thinking about you today and how it stinks that you arent around today. work is going really well. im still with dal electric and im almost done with my apprenticeship. your name always comes up at work. we always have great memories of you. and to this day you are still the best apprenctice that has ever passed through this shop. much better than me at least! but i gotta tell ya buddy i have progressed so it may be slighty more competitive now.
as the years go by now and the world tries to settle back to normality, your presence was too strong for me to ever forget what happened to you. god bless your family, nick

Christine Arciola

I went to Our Lady of Fatma with James from 1st to 8th grade. I was the president of the James Catier fan club, no really. I swore I would marry him. I moved out of Jackson Heights in 1989 and never saw him since. I walked into my living room and saw his face on the t.v., I still can't beleive it. To his family and friends, I am so sorry for your loss and hope you find the comfort that you need to stay strong.

joe humel

to james:
i still think about you all the time, "the boy who was always smiling" whenever i get down or see someone else who is down, i think of you and your smile to help me thru. you are just as inspriing in death as you are in life.
i know you are always around.
god bless your family! what incredible people they are


I worked with James during the years of 1999-2000, and he was a very hard working young man. It is sad to think that he died so tragically on 9/11/01 at such a young age. He is always missed by those who worked with and respected him.


Kristen Wesley

I remember having the biggest crush on James when I was ages 8 until I was 11. I knew him through neighbors who lived across the street from me in Jackson Heights. I only found out about his death last night and was deeply saddened. I lost a cousin on that horrible day as well...Patricia M. Fagan of the Aon Corporation. James, you are in my prayers and in my thoughts. To the Cartier family, I wish you the strength and serenity to move on with your lives. Though it seems as if the pain will never cease, and I'm sure it will always be there in some way, shape, or form...live your lives to the fullest, as I'm sure James would have wanted it that way. I wasn't sure what to post, but I needed to post something...somewhere. God Bless You All...



Forever in my thougts and prayers.


I still am so shocked and saddened when I see your picture on these sites that friends forward to me.
I know I didn't know you very long before September 11th , but everyday that passes, I think about you more and more and wonder. I still think its weird that we crossed paths for years and only met last year (I still laugh that we both had our pictures up at the same dentist).
So what does all this means? I hope to figure things out someday. I miss seeing MYMAX.
I pray for you and your family every night.

Marvin Pritchett


I had the brief pleasure of knowing who you were for only four years during high school. It's a shame that no one had a chance to say good-bye to you. I guess God needed Heaven re-wired!! To the Cartier family, you don't know me, but I knew your son/brother very well. I wish that I knew he worked in the Trade Center earlier because I was there also. May God comfort you always, and when things get bleak, remember that everything in this world happens for a purpose. Even though we may not understand that purpose at this time.

Michele Buffolino

Dear James,

I didn't have the pleasure to know you but I do know you must have been a wonderful person. I know this because I have meet your brothers and sisters. Who miss you so very much.
I just want you to know I am here for them as I know you are there for my mom. You and her are together because of 9/11 and so are your family and I.
I will support them any way I can and I will always think of you when I think of my mom. Always in my prays.


Michelle and Kayla Cartier

James, a Son, a Brother, an Uncle, and a Friend, but most of all a gift from God. You have impacted so many lives. Your kindness, your strength, your commitment, your love for your family, and that smile that could lighten up any room; this is what many others and I will always remember. Your spirit lives through your incredible family. Your parents raised such beautiful children; they all have accomplished so much and continue to do so. Their hearts are as huge as yours. And I am lucky to be a part of this incredible family. James, I hope you know that Kayla will always know her Godfather, and I will have many stories to tell her about your love for her.
Love you; miss you always and forever,
Michelle and Kayla
(The only coping is knowing we will see you again)

Michael Garcia

I knew James Cartier from the seventh grade in Our Lady Fatima School all the way to the twelveth grade in Mosignor McClancy High School.He was in most of my classes throughout the years.He was one really funny guy.He always had something to say that made everyone burst out into laughter.And that is how I'll always remember him.
My prayers go out to James and the Cartier family.

Michael Cartier


I still can't believe it when I find your name on memorials like this...I miss you my Brother. I am lost with out you.

Until the day I touch your face again I am missing you. From this day forth I will walk with alone forever.

Your Brother

James P. Sims

Though it had been twenty years since I last saw James, I was saddened to hear that he was lost in this tragedy. Back at Our Lady of Fatima, I remember playing with him in the schoolyard before class. He was fond of electronic gadgets; boasting that his walkie-talkie was a full-blown scanner given to him by his uncle. I remember that about him most; moreso than the fact that he was one of two "James's" in our class besides myself. I pray for his family and wish them the best.