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Jeremy M. Carrington
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Cantor Fitzgerald

New York, NY 
Age: 34

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How could you NOT smile when seneig that precious face...thanks for the thank-you, Abby!Donnawww.handsful.com

Patti Steward

I felt as if I knew Caz from the show too. I remember when he showed his fiancee` the home he owned in the Hamptons and he was camping there at the time because he had rented out his house. He was such a fun character! I felt too like I had lost him as a friend.


i just watched the single in the hamptons show. i whole-heartedly fell in love with caz. i thought to myself this is an awesome man who i would love to be around for his uplifting spirit and boundless great energy. my heart goes out to his family and in the end it appears that she has taken the last name.

Jenny Tobriner Perez

It's been a long time since 9/11. Just remembering Caz. He was the best man at my first wedding and he is so memorable that I still think of him frequently. He was one of those people you never forget and whose spirit lives on far beyond their earthly presence. I am no longer in touch with his wife Patty but I believe that knowing him enhanced her life despite the sadness it also left her with. So I write this to dear Caz, years after you are gone, to say the world knows that your existence was truly meaningful and the ripple effect of your life continues to impact. I hope you are laughing in heaven the way you always did here.


It is summer 2007, and the WE network just showed a few 'Single in the Hamptons' episodes. My TIVO listed it as from 2006. Just now, I was so taken with Caz that I Googled his name and found this. My TIVO had not captured any bit to suggest Caz was not still around, so I was very sadly surprised. It does not surprise me, however, that others were struck by him as was I. He seemed just the kind of person I want to be around ... making people's hearts smile. It was great to watch him and Patty on the series. This is the first time I have felt like I 'knew' someone who was lost in the 9/11 events. Thanks Caz. The quote "What is lovely never dies, but passes into other loveliness" comes to mind. Best best wishes to his wife and family.


I just watched the Single in the Hamptons shows, ironically on July 4th. Patti & Caz were the best things about the vain show and I was heartbroken at the end, with his "In Memory of..." Caz's love for Patti and life was abundantly obvious and I hope life has brought her peace.


My girlfriend and I are from New York, but I brought her to Los Angeles to live, since my work is here. She was watching Single in the City and I was drawn to Caz and Patti. I watched the entire series in one sitting on July 4, 2007. When my girlfriend told me Caz was lost on 9/11 I was deeply hurt. Patti and Caz seemed like such a wonderful couple and his zest for life and humor was infectious. I pray that we as humans we learn from our losses that WAR is not the answer. Peace, kindess, love and understanding is our only hope to survive. Patti; I hope you cherish the memory ot the wonderful Man you lost and celebrate his memory as you continue to live your life and try and find Joy in the future. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Richard and Amy: New Yawkas living in La La Land.


I just finished watching a rerun of the Hamptons and sadly realized that the person whose persona touched me the most was tragically lost that awful september in NYC. As soon as the show was over I had to do a search online to find out who he was only to find out he is gone. What a strange and curious feeling is to feel some much emphaty for someone that you never knew in person. How blessed were those that knew him.


I just finished watching Single in the Hmaptons and thought of Caz "What a really nice, fun guy. They sure look so suited for each other." My heartfelt sorrow for you. I hope you have found happiness again.

Parth "Ponderer" Krishna

Love, respect and prayers all the way from India. In the end, good wins with the help of care, optimism and a God. May God Bless Caz Carrington.


I am so sorry that I wasn't aware or didn't have access to Caz' tv series. I fell in love with him throught his wife's memories and love for him in the book "Love you, Mean It". I will have to track down the Hampton Series to get to know them better. The book truly inspired me and I am forever grateful to have discovered it and to have read it. I must say that I had to read it in clumps. It was too real and emotional for me to read too much at once. Thank you girls and I hope you do not mind that this is posted on Caz's site. (I think he would be proud to have it here, Love.) LUMI Amy


I too watched Patti & Caz on Single In The Hamptons. They were the only reason I watched the show as they were the only two people who were not insipid and shallow. They seemed so in love and like they were down to Earth, genuine, lovely people.

I wondered what happened to Patti after 9/11. Just saw her on The View and was happy to see her embracing life again as it seems Caz would have wanted her to.


BJ Grantham

Just watched Single in The Hamptonss. Caz was the one person on the show that seemed genuine. He was so full of wit and charm.

My prayers and thoughts for his lovely mate. I'm so sorry!



I just watched the reruns of Single in the Hamptons. I have watched the show before and had attached to Caz and Patty as most who watched the series did.

I just wonder how Patty is.
You know - you get so attached to the players of the reality shows they become a part of your life.

I would love to hear the WE network would check in on Patty and Caz's other family to let us know how they are and to share more of their dear dear Caz.

In 2006 the emotions of 911 have faded from shock and horror to linger sadness ... for those who didn't suffer a "personal" loss. But I can only imagine those who lost a husband, a child, a sibling or a friend.

I bet nothing has faded.

In my mind 4 ever


Romaine Harrison

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Caz was a remarkably real person. He had so much joy. Watching him on the Single in the Hamptons show brought so much joy to me and by the looks of things, many others on this site.

I was shocked tonight to see a memoriam for Caz before an episode. I then watched an episode showing him walking through New York to get his marriage license and only then did I realize he worked on Wall Street. My heart sank as I guessed what his tragic end may have been.

I'm so glad we got to share a little bit of Caz during his short time here. He seemed really fun.

Patty, I hope you are okay. You also seemed like a very sweet and lovely person. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


I spent seven years at school with Caz, from 1978 to 1985. Weekends at his mum's in West Mersea are my fondest memory - some great times.

We'd lost touch, as is so often the case, after school. Strangely enough he'd got in contact in the summer of 2001 to say Hi, through friendsreunited.com. I replied and, unfortunately, never heard back.

I look back and remember him as a great character. And a great Rugby player, too. I wasn't aware of his TV career but it's truly heartening to know he was loved by so many.


Tim Elliott.


My husband and I just got done watching Single in the Hamptons last night and at the end when Caz and Patti were getting their license we commented that they were the only normal people on the show and we were happy they found each other.

Then we saw the In Memoriam. I didn't know Caz but he had a great personality and made me laugh through the whole series. It's almost 4 years later and I'm so sad that he was one of the victims on 9/11. The world truly lost someone special that day.

To Patti and his family, we are profoundly sorry for your loss. He was a gem.


I also just watched the episode with the tribute to Jeremy. I wondered what happened and came to find this. My heart goes out to his family and loved ones.


Last night, I watched the final episode of the 2001 'Single in the City' for the second time. The first time, I was stunned to see Caz had died. I had watched the series and enjoyed his wonderful personality, always making me laugh. Again, I am reminded of the wonderful people that were lost that day. My heart goes out to Caz's wife and family.

Brenda Randolph

I have watched every airing of this segment of Single In . . ., and not until tonight did I read the dedication to Caz. I sit here over 3 years past his death with tears of loss. He hs always been my favorite on this series. He was funny, charming, a gentleman, and a dear person. To know he is gone so early in his life hurts.


I too just viewed the last episode of the Hamptons and was shocked to find out that "Caz" had died on 9/11.
He seemed like a person who enjoyed life to the fullest. He lives on!!

Christine Hulkow

I just watched the episode of the show that ended with the tribute to Jeremy. He seemed like a wonderful man with a very gentle soul. I am deeply sorry for your loss. God Speed Jeremy.

Robin - Ohio

On this third anniversary, in our thoughts and in our prayers we remember you..

george la carra

I was watching the last two episodes and was touched to see caz and his wife on the beach in tux and gown talking about their future together. When the screen faded to black and said in memory of jeremy caz carrington i was shocked and saddened. He was the type of guy we would all want as a friend.
God bless his soul.

Erica, N.Y.

I was just recently introduced to a peice of this wonderful man's life on the television show. I just finished watching the last episode and it said in memory of him and it was racking my brain as to what had happened to him. Its been 2 years since the tragic event and it still deeply saddens me.

May he rest in peace.....

Marcia Waldman

Catching a glimpse of a rerun of the Hampton special,I was utterly charmed by Caz Carrington.This glimpse of a wonderful human being gave me hope for all my fellow human beings...as others did, I went on the internet only to read of his sad demise...I didn't know you,but you leave a legacy of joy and passion,of good humor and warmth. Thank you...your life was unjustly cut short..


Caz had a way of making anyone he was with feel like the most beautiful, intelligent and funny person in the room. Anyone who knew Caz would know that in reality it was he who was all of these things. He will always be missed.

Ann, Norway

Like so many others, I just happened to see Caz on Life in the Hamptons. It's not a show I follow, it just happened to be on in the background, and the mention of him having an office in WTC caught my attention. I did a search on the net and, unfortunately, found this. I was really hoping to find that he was one that made it.

I am so sorry for your loss.

Chad Seibert

If anyone has contact information for the carrington family (an email address, phone number, or mailing address) could you please email me (naihanchi1@yahoo.com). Last night I had an amazingly vivid dream where a 'Jeremy' visited me trying desprately to relay a message to his family about Sept. 11th. I need to contact his family to see if this message makes any sense to them. Please help!


Chad Seibert
9-4- 03

Jonas Lind

I was looking at reruns of "Single in the Hamptons" last night and I saw that Caz worked in the World Trade Center. When I saw that I at once thought about September 11th and if he'd been there when it happened. So I was sad to look it up on the internet and find the words "in loving memory" written there. I send my condolences to Caz's family and friends.

-Jonas Lind, Malmö, Sweden


Dear caz

i watched you on manhattan on the beach here in NZ, as soon as i heard you say where you work i knew.

What a bright beautiful happy person you are. You could just tell how much happiness your wife brought to you as well. You had this warm happy glow about you, i put it down to just genuinely enjoying life, im so glad we were all blessed to see the footage of the show and get to know you in our own little way.

Now we can remeber you smiling and happy at the hamptons in the sunshine instead of a name on a list of casualties from the darkest day ive ever seen.

Bless you and peace be with your family and friends


Im from New Zealand, I have loved watching life in the hamptons mainly because of Caz, its repeating again tonight and finally I write saying my condolences to Patti and Caz's family, what a wonderful man, what a tragic end.


what a lovely, lovely man. So charming and you could see his love of life radiate in his smile.

As many others, I only new him from television, and only yesterday found out he was one of the victims of September 11th. A tragedy and a great loss. He made quite an impression on me... that's the reason I just did a search on the internet to hopefully find out that it wasnt true.

May you be smiling down on us from heaven.

Laura from Pittsburgh

As I read the previous comments about Jeremy Carrington, I realize that I was not the only one shocked at the end of a tv show, to see the program dedicated to his memory. After looking forward to each episode, and seeing Jeremy and Patti buying their wedding license, the jolt I got when I realized he'd been killed September 11 was overwhelming. He seemed a charming and gentle guy, with a wonderful English sense of humor that was so delightful. Not knowing him personally made no difference in the sadness that I felt in learning of his death. My prayers and thoughts are with his wife and family. I'm sure he will be dearly missed.


Like most of the others on this board, I was so intrigued by the man with the $12 shoes in the Single in the Hamptons.

As I watched Caz and his new wife toast outside the courthouse, Patty offering a long shred of seaweed for Caz's thinning hair... I thought to myself what a wonderful life they must be leading.

And then, the rememberance was flashed at the end of the show with Caz's name.

My heart sank as I muttered the same words I have repeated way too many times since Sept. 11th ..."Oh God...please no"

I know my moment would pale in comparision to what Patty and Caz's family would have felt.

I hesitated to sign this guestbook.
How could I comment on such a loss of a dear life? I left the computer and decided to come back and sign the guestbook...after all, maybe it helps to know that strangers will remember your dear Caz.

Possibly all of our lost heroes from Sept.11th can feel our prayers on the other side.

And it has been said, we never lose our loved ones if they are kept in our thoughts.

Prayers are with you.
Cincinnati Ohio


thoughts and prayers and a hope to move on go to caz's family. he would want that, his humor and joy of life shined in that silly little campy show.
i am still chilled at seeing the "in memory of"..patty, live as he would have wanted.

L Williams

It's June 2003, and I just saw "Single in the Hamptons" for the first time. The only reason I watched all of the episodes was because of "Caz". I loved the scenes from the camping weekend. He was incredibly delightful, charming, interesting, and engaging. To his wife, it appeared on the show that you two truly enjoyed each other. It must have been such a blessing to have known and loved him. After seeing the "in memory of" at the end, I searched the internet to find out more, and of course found another tragic story from 9/11. Of course I didn't know Caz, but know that he made an impression on so many in just those few moments on a television show. I can't even imagine what it was to know and love him as you and his family and friends did. My heart respectfully goes out to you and all of those who lost loved ones that day. Always remember, as "Tuesdays with Morrie" reminds us: "Death ends a life, not a relationship". Peace be with you.

Sarah from Texas

I almost feel silly writing about someone I did not know. I was watching Single in the Hamptons, and I noticed toward the end there was a "RIP" or "Dedicated to Caz Carrington" graphic. I was curious. I feel so sad that Caz is dead. Him and his wife seemed so happy. I hope we all get to experience that kind of happiness. I, along with others, will pray she can get through this.

Rebecca Valletti

To the family of Caz Carrington.
Well here it is 2 years later and still it is shocking. After just seeing the credit on the Single in the Hamptons, I was so sad to learn of his death.
What a lovely man he seemed to be and although we only "knew" him through this show, he has touched so many lives, if only to make us smile.

May God bless you.

Jack Wazlow

Caz was the best thing about that "Single in the Hamptons" series. The guy was a real pleasure to watch. I actually wished I knew him as I watched the show. I'm sorry for your loss Patty.

Laura Dodds

To Cazs' beloved wife Patricia, and all of his family and friends- I first saw him one rainy Sunday afternoon, while sitting at home watching a little television. This vivacious, truly hysterical, and brutally honest man! He seemed to have a constant glow, always seemed to be one step ahead, and though I didn't know him, always made me laugh in a way no one has ever before... I know it sounds corny but he has touched my heart with his zest for life, and with the integrity of his character amidst the Hampton cliche.
Patti if you read this, I would love to speak with you. Watching the two of you together was wonderfully refreshing-and at times very soothing. You are so lucky to have had such a great guy in your life. I pray all of us singletons can be as lucky...

Thank you for sharing him with the rest of us-
Houston, TX

Robin Littman

I like so many others mentioned here, stared in disbelief and utter shock at the sight of Jeremy's name displayed at the end of the "Single in the Hamptons" credits. I did not personally know any of the 9/11 victims, but this brought home the enormity of the loss suffered by so many. What a glorious person who obviously relished life and brought happiness and joy not only to his family but to millions of WE viewers. God Bless His Soul.

Barbara Joy

I watched "Single in the Hamptons" last night. I stuck with it because I was so amused by Caz's commentary and his wonderful humor. I thought he was one of the few 'real' people on the entire show. I thought his then fiance was such a sweetheart and how loving they both were. My heart broke when I saw the end credits. I would never have known who this man was if it had not been for that show.
Now I carry with me a sadness and heartfelt prayers and sympathy to his wife, family and all who loved and knew him. I would have loved to have had dinner with this man. He was intelligent, humorous and loving.
May he rest in peace.

Thank you Caz for making me smile, if only for a short few hours.

Lori Mullett

I watched the "Single in the Hamptons" series over the weekend and laughed every time Caz was on. What a tribute to life he was. I was so saddened at the end of the program when the "In Memory" of him was presented. It was like we got to know him through the show. Although I didn't know him personally, I feel like I've lost a friend.
God Bless his wife, mother and family. They were truly blessed by having loved him and by being loved by him.


Carrington Family,
I am so sad to hear about Jeremy's death last September. He was so full of life and I really enjoyed him on the Hamptons show on the WE network.
He was the funniest and most clever person I've seen in a long time. I know you all must have enjoyed his personality so much over the years. I can't even imagine what an enormous hole his death has created for you.
Please accept my sympathy and I hope you can take some comfort in knowing that "Caz" touched many people with his life.
Lisa H.
San Antonio, Tx

Jennifer Beeching

To the loved ones of Caz Carrington,

I just finished watching 4 episodes of "Single in the Hamptons" and became so charmed by Caz. His wit, humor, sincerity and obvious love for Patricia made him stand so far apart from any other character on that series, from many other people, period.

I was deeply saddened when they ran the "In Memory Of Jeremy Carrington" credit at the end....and I only "knew" Caz through TV and only for a few minutes. I'm so sorry for your loss and my thoughts will be with you, especially as we approach September 11th.

Jennifer Beeching
Indianapolis, IN