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Michael Cammarata
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: New York Fire Department

Huguenot, NY 
Age: 22

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Hi. I didn't know who micheal was but i am doing a report on a 9/11 victim and i picked him.He was a determined firefighter and i will help his spirt live on.

Jenna Garskof

I did not know Mike. Yet I know enough to call him my hero. I know he loved his family and friends, I know he loved life, and I know that he loved helping other people. While working at a convenience store two years ago, I read an article about Mike. There was a picture of him... he puts out such a strong sense of purity. I keep this picture of him on my mirror, and pray for his family and the ones who loved him. When I look at his picture, I want to be a better person. He helps me realize that there are incredibly beautiful people in this world, and he makes me realize that there isn't time to waste on meaningless matters. I could never respect another the way I do with him. I think about him every day.

Stacy Canter

To the Family & Friends of Michael Cammarata:

Words cannot describe the grief and sadness I felt when the World Trade Center, at the hands of terrorism, came crumbling down, claiming the lives of over two thousand people in the process. On September 11th, 2001, the skies of New York City were darkened, as were the hopes of several hundred families, who were directly affected by this tragedy.

I graduated alongside Firefighter Mike "The Face" Cammarata from Tottenville High School in 1996. We knew each other only by face, and by sharing one or two classes together. He was good-looking, big-hearted, athletic, pleasant, smart, and a true asset to those who knew him up close and personally. I regret not having taken the time to get to know him, but I've learned so much about this amazing person through news articles, internet sites and television interviews.

Michael was extremely courageous and wanted to become a firefighter ever since he was a child. Unlike many of us who have childhood dreams of becoming something, but end up doing another, he held onto that dream of becoming one of New York's bravest. He died doing what he loved - and there are people who are living today because of Michael Cammarata and his heroics. Michael wasn't a hero because of September 11th, 2001 - he was born one. He is someone I am proud to tell my children about, and someone they can look up to.

9/11/2002 - One year ago today, God took Michael Cammarata from us and welcomed him into his kingdom. Let us all take solace in knowing that Michael's spirit lives on in us all. Someday, sometime, we will all see him once again. God bless him, and those who died alongside him last year.

-Stacy Canter, Staten Island.



It seems so strange that something like this could happen...and of course take the best.
You are forever in my heart and mind.

You are a hero and you are missed so much by so many people.

To his family~ Mike was one of the greatest friends I ever met…and I know that he will stay true to his word…once you pass through heavens gate he will be the first to meet all of you with that smile, hug and love that you missed so much. Without Mike I think my life would be different…it is rare to find people who will stay with you forever and he will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN.

To Jenn~ You were the love of his life. You were once young and had ups and downs like every relationship but when relationships would come up…and I would ask “what’s your type” every detail was you wrapped up in his love. So remember that when things get tough, he is there to watch over you…and he will be waiting for you with open arms and I am sure big plans.

Amy Collins

I live in Albuquerque, NM. A couple of weeks after 9/11 Calvary Chapel, was selling these silver bracelets with names of firefighters, police officers, pentagon personel, and the people who died as a result of the attack. I chose a box with the red star. These were the boxes with fire fighters. The name I got was Michael Cammarata. I looked on the internet and found a picture of him. I printed it out and framed it and I have been praying for him and his family and our country. It's just a reminder of all the lives that were lost. Today, 3/14, I looked him up again. The first time all I found was that one picture. Today I found out more about him. He was truly amazing! I know his family must be so proud of him and I'm glad I got to know him better today. My love, thoughts and prayers go out to all of the Cammarata Family and to all of the friends and family of loved ones that have passed due to the attack on 9/11. I will continue to pray for our country as well. Amy