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Roko Camaj
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Abm Industries

Manhasset, NY 
Age: 60

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Hey Daj!

Just wanted to come by and say even though i haven't written on here in a while doesnt mean that i forgot about you. I think about you all the time! Miss and Love You!!! God Bless Your Soul! <3


Mario Camaj

August 17 2005 would of been his 64th Brithday.
A Good Man.


valbona dedvukaj

roko, u are truly missed .. may ur soul rest in peace. You and Simon are our angels in heaven that are watching over us..

qupi camaj

Daja Rroko ,you will always be in my heart.I love you sooooo much.
WE will never forget you
Love,Always Qupi.....


My prayers are with your family, God Bless you all.



Camaj Family,

My prayers are with the Camaj family.
To a Father, uncle,& fellow Albanian.
You will be missed. God rest your soul & God bless those you left behind.


Beta Dukaj

Daja Rroko, you will always be in my heart i love you

Lacey Wolff

Our reading class in Anderson, Missouri recently finished a book called "Odd Jobs: True Stories about Real Work". Mr. Camaj "The Window Washer" for the World Trade Center was featured in this book. We were impressed and fasinated by Mr. Camaj's employment choice. His story was both motivating and encouraging. The students wanted me to research Mr. Camaj's new occupation since the devasting attacks of 9/11. They were stunned to discover Mr. Camaj lost his life in the attacks. Please know, Roko Camaj is (and always will be) a hero in Anderson, Missouri.

Room 9

God Bless you. Thanks for keeping our twin tower windows so clean. We hope you are in a better place. I hope you are washing windows where you are now. At least you are still high in the sky. Thank you for letting them make a book about you, a book called Window Washer: At Work Above the Clouds. I hope you feel good in your new home. I hope you like it up there as much as you did washing windows down here. We are sorry that you died. You told us that if you study hard you can get a good job. Thank you for coming to this country. we miss you.

Love, Room 9 , Valle Vista School, Hemet, CA


RRok Camaj...you are missed soo much...i love you so much <3

Lisa Dedvukaj

To the Camaj family,
All we can do now is pray and thank God that our loved ones were given to us. They are angels in the sky and they will be always watching over us. Be strong and have faith God is always with us. Rok you were a good man and I know that you are in a better place. May God Bless your family and keep them strong.
Lisa Dedvukaj


Uncle roko we miss you sooooooo much and we will never forget you ...love you always


Roko was my Uncle and he was a wonderful person and he will be missed so much by his family!
God rest his soul.