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Kenny Caldwell
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Alliance Consulting

New York, NY 
Age: 30
Senior Account Manager

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Michael Young

I met Kenny through our mutual friend, Matt Daudert. He came out to hang with us O'Hara guys and fit in immediately. He was my first black friend. He was a class act and we really enjoyed being with him. His mother did a great job raising him. He was a special guy. We lost touch but I am not surprised that he had found so much success. God bless you, Kenny. You are missed.

Lou Bayne

I have a memory of Kenny:
I was a young kid who attended basketball camps assoc. with Speedy Morris. I knew Kenny and his brother Leon though I doubt they would know me. I remember Leon and Abe Dunmeyer (sp?) used to have Kenny scratch his knees......He didn't even have to bend over! It was all good fun in those days. I remember seeing the list of people who passed away from the Phila. area after 9/11 and was stunned to recognize Kenny's name. There was a photo of him....and to me, he looked just like he did back at camp - full of life and always smiling. I was surfing the net today and came across this site. My thoughts and prayers are with Kenny's family. Kenny and I might not have been friends, but you remember quite a bit when you spend 1 week each summer with people. For me, I remember Kenny, Leon, Abe, Joe Gillespie, Speedy, Randy Monroe and so many more faces and names.
I was interested in reading about Kenny's interests and affections he showed for so many....May he rest in Peace.

Tabethah Mack

I didn't know Kenny personally but I feel like I knew him through the memories shared with me by his family and friends. He has the most inviting smile and now the world is blessed with his beautiful Nephew whom carries his name. Bro. Kenny may you forever live in the hearts and memories of all who loved you. And may the Ancestors keep us all aware of the presence of your enduring energy.

Peace and Blessings to the family, friends and loved ones of Bro. Kenny Caldwell.

Tab (friend of the family)


When I read about Kenny, it brought me to tears. I keep the clipping of him from the times on my desk to remember the importance of people... "he collected stray people." God Bless him.

Jenny Chapman

I will never forget wearing Kenny's Penn Charter letter jacketin high school. I was so proud. The sleeves were so long that they reached my knees! We shared some great laughs and fun times together. I will always remember him as one of the funniest and sweetest guys that I have ever known. He is sorely missed.

allison devitt

My Memories...

Kenny was like another older brother to me. He was my brother's best friend and accepted me into his life as a friend and treated me like a little sister. Kenny was always there for me with his advice and laughter. Nobody could make me laugh the way he did. My best memories are times my brother, Kenny, and I spent together. Our stomachs would hurt after a night with Kenny from laughing so hard. He touched all our lives and made them better just by being a part of them. We will never forget Kenny and we will always love him!!!