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Ronald Paul Bucca
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: New York Fire Department

Age: 47

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Gregg Gammello

Ron Bucca was my First Sargeant for a brief period in the summer and early fall of 1990. He was for me, one of, if not the most inspiring leader I had in my eight years in the military. My most compelling memory of Sgt. Bucca was at the Rappeling course at West Point, N.Y. where, On his own innitiative, he took a handfull of eager young soldiers to learn rapelling and other advanced infantry skills.
His genuine enthusiasm and true interest in the young soldiers of his unit left a lasting impression on me. I gather from the words of so many others who knew him that I am not alone.
My deeply felt condolences to his family.


I did not know Ron, but i did know his nicen Taryn and i send my wishes out to the family. You have a brave man in ur family.

Denise C

I knew not the man Ron Bucca
I knew not his family or friends
I knew not the evil that touched them
But I feel their pain over again
I remember 9/11
Shedding tears as I recall
The planes used by evil as missiles
Caused the WTCs to fall
Though buildings may have fallen
And millions of spirits too
God made souls so they could float
To Heaven where they start a new
I've no doubt Ron made that journey
With all the other souls by his side
Everytime I think of them
My heart will fill with pride
They new not what fate had in store
On that day 9/11
I take comfort that I'll meet them all
When my soul floats up to Heaven.
God Bless America.

Souls don't fall they only float

Ellis Mills

I did not know Ron personally. Jacob Boesen told me that Ron was a fellow green beret and a terrific man. Today, on ABC, I saw his partner, Jim Devery, with a lady he rescued from the WTC,in a 9/11 tribute. Later I saw Ron's picture in a documentary on the FDNY, done by two young Frenchmen, brothers.
God bless his family! This was a man I would have been proud to know and serve with.

Lindsey 14

When I hear this story it touched my heart, and I was suddenly proud to be in a country where people like Ron volunteer to save others, and this is what I believe is a true Hero. He is my hero..

Spc. Laffer,David

For the first time in memory, I am at a loss for words. Today, 10 Sep 02, the day before the 1 year mark of his passing, I find out that he passed. Of all sources, I found out from watching TV. I was in Ron's unit out of the bronx. For the little time that I knew him, he was always there to help. My deepest prayers are with the family.

Jacob L. Boesen

For Ron Bucca and his family....
I was Ron's trainer at the Defense Intelligence Agency when he was serving in his Army reserve role. Just as he did in every aspect of his life, Ron took his on duties supporting us....whether he was here in DC or at Fort Dix....with zest, dedication and determination. A kinder and warmer man you could not meet. I miss him very much. I have worked in counter-terrorism for almost 20 years now; this was the first time it was personal for me. I heard of Ron's passing from Vinnie B during the first few days after 9/11. We were very busy as you might imagine so there was little time to reflect. Toward the end of the month I was home putting away some polo shirts when I found the FDNY Fire Marshal polo Ron gave me amongst the stack. It had the NY skyline as part of the logo. I looked at the outline and saw the towers. That was the day I shed tears for my lost friend and colleague. Since then, I remember Ron by telling all who bring up the tragic events of 9/11 to remember him and the entire Bucca family in their prayers. Dozens have answered that call. I hope in some small way this rememberance helps to bring some comfort. I will never forget Ron; neither will all his friends here in DC or at Dix.

JL Boesen