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Capt. Vincent Brunton
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: New York Fire Department


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Hey Vin, I never stop thinking of you and your family. You are all in my prayers. My heart just aches that this has happened. We will all be together again. Love and prayers

Grace Lyons & Jimmy Alfredsen

Jimmy and I talk about you all the time Vinny, it has been a year and we still find it hard to believe. I have your picture on my desk so that when people ask I can tell them what a great guy and gentlemen you were. We pray for you & your family.

Sarah Reynolds

I just want to say that in these times of pain, my prayers are with you. I know that this past year must have been very painful for you, and the evnts of 9/11 must have been quite a shock. I just hope that you have loving friends and family members to help you through this difficult time.The day those towers fell, so did the tears of billions of people around the world, as they watched helplessly. The scenes of 9/11 seemed to unbelievable to be real, as if from a movie or a nightmare, yet when the televsion showed so many people crying, we didn't see some american strangers, but our brothers and sisters in pain. So I want to tell you that my prayers are with you and that I hope that we can find peace in this world, so that other innocent lives are spared, and this horrible violence can come to an end.

May God be with you,
Sarah Reynolds

St. Andrew's 5/6th Grade Church School

Prayer from 5th grader-St. Andrew's Church

May God be with you, I hope you come out OK.


I pray for Vincents family and friends. What a terrible loss.