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Frank Bonomo
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: New York Fire Department

Age: 42

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Jessica Kasprowicz

My name is Jessica Kasprowicz. I am the niece of Bobby (Robert) Kasprowicz, and I just wanted to write something, because even though I was only a baby when I met Frank, I feel a deep connection to him. When I visited NY and found Frank's name the different places I went I was hit with a rush of emotions. My uncle told me SO MUCH about Frank and he sounds like an amazing person, and he will ALWAYS be a Hero! I still thank him for giving everything to help others, that is the definition of a hero, I just wish I was able to thank him in person, but for now I will do so in my prayers!!! God Bless!


You don't know me but i wanted to pray for you and your family because my dad's name is Frank. Thank you for your dedication and sacrifice. You will never be forgotten.


I was just looking around on the internet when I found this page. I put in a search for my maiden name, which is Bonomo, and I found something with my grandfathers name on it, Frank Bonomo. Well, I am now married, and to a firefighter. My hope and prayers go out to this Frank Bonomo's family and friends. I know I have not forgotten the tremendous loss we suffered that day, and I never will.

matt payne

just wanted to pass along a couple of thoughts. I purchased a memorial F.D.N.Y. bracelet a while back with firefighter Bonomo name on it. After I bought it I did a some research on firefighter Bonomo on the internet. I had never met the man nor any of the fallen firefighters from WTC. I just want to let the family know, I have been wearing the bracelet now for six months. I am in the fire academy, and it is one of the most demanding tasks I have ever encountered. I also am woking full time while in the academy. Things get a little rough every once in awhile and I feel little frustrated and overwhelmed with the tasks I have taken on. I take a look at the bracelet every day and I feel that firefighter Bonomo is taking a look down on me and giving me a little fortitude boost. Giving me a push to live my dream of being a firefighter. Even in passing a person can be a inspiration. Firefighter Bonomo gave all that morning to preserve human life, I can only hope I am half as brave as him when I begin my career. Trust me when I say this, he is not forgotten.

carla marple

The name touched me. My maiden name is Bonomo. My prayers are with you and your family.

Mary LaMarca

Thank you to Clark and Joyce and also to everyone else who has prayed for Frank. I am his stepsister and his Mom Kay would love to hear from Clark and Joyce. You can email me at marysvan@yahoo.com and I will forward all emails to Kay. God Bless you and your family. Mary

Clark & Joyce Bridgman

We will always remember Frankie as a young man who lived next door to us in Port Jefferson. Our deepest sympathy and prayers go out to his family. P,S. We would love to get in touch with his Mother Kay.