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Michael L. Bocchino
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: New York Fire Department

New York, NY 
Age: 45

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Arlene Minarik Sutherland

To The Bocchino family,
Anna Lombardozzi,are you Michaels aunt?Lucy's younger sister? I thought.I may be mistaken.I am Michaels ex-girlfriend,the one that went to Debra's wedding with Michael,I was also at his firemans graduation, with his parents.I did not find out about Michaels passing until 10/25/03.I have been in shock since reading the news in a old nyc newspaper with his picture & all.I sent a belated sympathy card to all of you & my phone # was enclosed, since I cant recall their # from so many years ago, nor the exact address.I wrote it out to Michael Bocchino street, bklyn ny,(didnt bloomsburg name the street after all the firefighters who lost their lives in 911,I thought that news was from june 2003, but my card was returned with wrong address.I now live in Pa became a nurse & am married with 3 kids.I have some nice photos of michael years ago.I didnt know if any family would want a copy of them.Well any family member can e-mail me if they are interested.Oh &once again I am so sorry for your loss.He once meant so much to me& still does have a special place in my heart from long ago.God Bless you all, Arlene P.S.I have posted everywhere michael's memorials are in, but have not got any response,that is fine as long as they got my message.I know its been a while though to me that horrific day stays in my mind like yesterday.

Arlene Minarik Sutherland

To The Bocchino family,
I want to offer my sincere condolences on the loss of your son Michael.Michael & I went steady from 1975-1980.I just found out yesterday.I moved to Pa.years ago,I thought about him on 911 & prayed that he was ok,I didnt know he was in the wtc or missing until yesterday,2 years too late.I posted here, but could't find my post.I just wanted to make sure you get this.Do you remember I was at his firefighters graduation ceremony& I also went to Debra's Wedding (with Michael)& I was at every holiday party during that time period,what memories!I also went to Michaels Grandma's funeral,that was so sad. I remember his Uncle Leo being a firefighter too.Gosh, I have pics of that day when Michael graduated,I was so proud of him then,I can't believe my first love died a heroe.I will always have a special place in my heart for Michael.So many times I thought of calling him( but didn't know if he'd want to talk to me.)I remember he had a passion for his job and he loved to help others,I too had that interest in helping others.I graduated from College & became a Nurse.I married in 82& have 3 children.Please feel free to e-mail me. Arlene

Nicole Bocchino Taft

We are proud of you. We know that there is a special place for you in Heaven. You will always be in our thoughts and prayers.

Christopher A. Bocchino

God keep Michael in his arms and bless him and all those who perished that day...

Anna Lombardozzi

Michael...not a day has passed that your not thought of...we miss you so much. We saw your last moments on film. How brave you looked! How brave you were! God Bless you.

Each day your fellow firefighters are being found and we pray soon we will receive word of you.