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Timothy D. Betterly
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Cantor Fitzgerald

Little Silver, NJ 
Age: 42

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Jessica Betterly

I never knew Tim Betterly but, from what I know of the family genealogy, somewhere on the family tree, we are connected. That connection seems so strong to me and I think of him often.

My heart goes out to those who knew him and loved him ... he sounds like a wonderful man who served the Betterly name well.

Rest in peace.

Alice Shore

Didn't know u but standing beside your name at memorial thinking of you and your loved ones.


Last year on September 11, each person in my school was assigned a specific person to pray for, and I was assigned Mr. Betterly. I'd just like to let you know that he has been in my prayers for over a year now, and that I know he is in a better place.


My ex, one of Timmy Betterley's cousins, told me an extraordinary story about Tim's daughter's having met Bruce Springsteen on a beach out there. Apparently they were singing and Bruce just happened to be walking by and complemented their pretty singing voices. I know it can't take the pain away and I didn't even have the pleasure of meeting Tim, but I ache for you and your family and I grieve too. Not a day goes by that I do not think of all this pain, but I had to share a happy story that I heard about Tim's daughters.

Liz Stoutenburgh/Paoletti

I remember Tim Betterly from my high school years. Tim was good friends with my sister, Mary Lynn Stoutenburgh, and another friend, Linda West. I was a few years younger, but I recall Tim as one of the nicest guys you would ever want to know.

My family all new Tim Betterly (my father was the superintendent of Wissahickon School district) and we were all active in school acitivites of which Tim participated in widely. For several years, Tim was the highlight of many a school gathering.

May I just say that our sorrow has been expressed among ourselves over the year and we continue to mention Tim as someone who deserved a much longer life. Today, I was overwhelmed with grief, once again, to hear Tim's name ring out.

To whomever reads this, my brief, but lasting memories of Tim will never be forgotten. He was the all American guy, the guy that stood out as a winner, and the guy that didn't deserve to be taken at such an early time in his life.

I wish the entire Betterly family to be blessed with the strength to continue living their lives in a healthy and productive manner. The manner that I believe Tim would have wanted and God would bless.

Liz (BJ) Stoutenburgh/Paoletti

Luba Reshitnyk

Dear Mr. Betterly,
Though your life has been cut tragically short, you yet have meaning in the lives of many. Whether you were attending an ordinary work day or were travelling to be somewhere, you are sorely missed. The fruits of violence and anger are bitter and sour. For your family, I offer my condolences that they must continue on with their lives without you. We often learn from the mistakes of others though some mistakes could be readily avoided.
With the hope that paradise is now yours, Luba Reshitnyk from Canada