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William Bernstein
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Cantor Fitzgerald

New York, NY 
Age: 44

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I guess because I am a William also his name caught my eye. Were does a person start? or what else could I possibly say that you have not heard before? Except for Bill will pray for the Bernstein family knowing that God will hear my prayer. I lost a Brother of liver cancer in 2000 and I have never got over it and I don't really think we can ever get over the tragic loss of a love one I guess all we can do it rejoice in the memories. My Brother Don is someone I could call at 4:00am when I was feeling down and now I call upon God since my brother has been gone and God is the only one that could have possibly filled his shoes in the inspiration Don provided me. I think some things happen so we will be brought closer to the lord but I was in a valley for a long time after my brothers death, and I am just now starting up the mountain but we all have a promise that there will be valleys and mountain tops and I can't wait until I get to that mountain top after four valley years I will be rejoicing for a long time. God will bring you and your family to the mountain top one day and you will rejoice but at 53 years old i will appreciate
my mountain tops more than ever. Yes, I still miss my brother we loved each other very much just as I am sure you did William but the only medicine I have found that has help me and lift me up in the tough times is God. I know I am not the best writer in the world but I just wanted to take the time to maybe lift you up for a day by just letting you know there is a total stranger that loves you and your family and can relate to what your going through but can also say this loss is only temporally and that one day you will join William again and I will rejoin my Brother Don who is probably still sending words of inspiration down from the Heavens to me knowing him.
God Bless and remember Jesus Loves you and so do I.