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Paul Benedetti
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Aon Corp.

Age: 32
Assistant Director

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Dear Paul,

Every year i listen for your name. I did not know you so well though when i think of you, i think of your bright smile and the happiness you brought to Alessandra.

May your soul be blessed always and may G-d guard over all your loved ones.

-Celia Harary

Andy Cantos

Paul, you are always in my thoughts and prayers and I think of you often. Over the past decade, I don't think a week has gone by that I haven't quoted one of your million zingers or retold stories of some of the great times we had together and made people laugh. There is no question that you made a lasting impact on me and many others and will forever be loved and missed, Andy

Amanda K

Family of Paul Benedetti,
I am praying for you today. Though I did not know Mr. Benedetti, I praise the Lord for his service to this country and the impact he had on the world. I also am praying for the "God of all comfort" to comfort each family member and friend in a special way this week. I believe in the God of the Bible and that He is going to provide comfort, strength, and even joy to you all. Thank you for your sacrifice and the reminder that many have sacrificed to make our country great.

Don Petersik

I never knew you but when I visited Ground Zero 10 years ago I saw the sheet that Alessandra had taped to a store window looking for you...those words of searching made the whole event real for me...I took that page and I look at it often. I think of you and the wonderful smile that you have and I wonder what might have been for a young man like yourself...
Today on the 10th anniversary of your departure from this life and entrance into the next, I thank you for being a part of my rememberence and I wish you peace. May the Creator continue to bless your family with all the happy memories that I'm sure you created for those around you. You are in my thoughts...I wish I had known you....

Johnny Chung

I went to Junior High School with Paul and remained friends even after we went to different high schools. He was always very funny and could lighten up any situation. He also did the best Steve Martin impersonations. I know where you are...you are making them laugh. Miss you buddy. Johnny

barbara williams

Dear Cousin Paul,
I know it is your birth month so it is a time I especially have you in my thoughts. I still can't see a G.I Joe without thinking of your collection growing up. You are missed. Hope you and your Dad get to catch a baseball game from up there!
Love, Barbara

Paul Michael Benedetti

hi, i never met paul and im not even from the same state. we arent related (at least not that i know of) but one day when i saw a list of people who passes that day and saw my exact name, needless to say i was a little wierded out. All the best to Paul's friends and family. rest in peace

Danielle Sotomayor

Hi, um.. I never met Paul. But I know We are related. His father Paul is my father Mario Sotomayor's first cousin. I am just trying to some how get a hold of his family. my email address is danielle_sotomayor@hotmail.com


My beloved Paul
I love you forever, you'll always be in my heart and in my mind. I will never let anyone forget what a wonderful, sweet, handsome, funny, intelligent and outgoing person that you were.
I pray that you are happy where you are and I hope you will be with me and the boys forever.
You don't have to worry, I know you always wanted to make me laugh and you always did from the first day I met you. I still have moments where I think of the funny things you've said in the past and I'll always have that to keep me laughing.
Most importantly, I know you appreciated and loved me and I thank you for telling me how you felt everyday!! I hope I was able to do the same because I was always crazy about you.
To my best friend and loving husband, I'll never forget our times and you.
Love from your little chick



You were our best friend, and that doesn't begin to describe it. We love you and we miss you everyday, we always will.
Your absence is our pain,...
The friendship you gave us and the memories of you of strength.
May we be together again someday.
What are we suppose to do now...

May justice be done....