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Edmund Glazer
American Airlines Flight 11

Chatsworth, CA 
Age: 41
Chief Financial Officer Mrv

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Alon Chaim glazer

Eliyau ben Noach Z"TL, Pesach is around the corner, and as with Pesach comes questions so to here! Natan is emulating you, be proud!
We love you and miss you very much.
Good Yom Tov!Chag Samaiach!

allan h glazer

Another year has gone by as we approach the Yortzeid of the 23 third day of Elul, corresponding to the date of September 11. The third year still leaves a gaping hole in all of our hearts as we pray for peace and serenity in this world that has been overtaken by madmen with aggendas in the name of religion and who knows what elce but not in the name of humanity. For that would indeed be a sin. Osama bin Ladin you do not carry the convictions of your beliefs but the fantasies of a madman rejected by his own society capatlising on the ignorance of many who know no better or wish no harm to their fellow human being. Try to do good for your people, the children, that is indeed the challenge for which you are not man enough to stand up for but a coward, attack those who cannot defend themselves and call it in the name of religion! You are cursed a thousand times by Mohammed and all muslim persons!

Allan H. Glazer

As we approach Rosh Hashana,Baruch H-shem we are able to say that your Levaya was kedas ve'chedin.The first Yortzeid has come and gone but you will never be forgotton. The pain lingers on,less now that we have a final resting place,Thank G-d.
May H-shem avenge your death!

The family.