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Scott D. Bart
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Marsh and Mclennan Cos. Inc.

Malverne, NY 
Age: 28

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Elaine Overton

I have just spent the last 3 hours adsorbing everything on this wonderful website in honor of Scott. I am touched beyond words..what wonderful young man..what a wonderful family...what a tremendous loss. It is so evident that he lives on in the thoughts and hearts of his loved ones and the many people he touched in his life. May God Bless you all and give you peace.

E Parker

I only met Scott briefly but had a fond memory of him. Great guy w/ big smile and big heart. Rest in Peace, Scott. You will never be forgotten. My thought and prayer for Scott's family.

Anthony LaPoma

We love and miss you Scott, as much today as yesterday and all the days before it. We will NEVER forget you, and the love that you gave to all of your family will live on in our wonderful memories forever. By the way, I'm a father now....I'm sure you've already noticed, and I'm sure that you watch over Julie everyday, I just wish she could have met you. We love you, and you and your family will forever be on our minds.


Thoughts of Scott include his humor, acting ability, singing talents, and his love for his family. I have hilarious memories of how he made his sister Renee and her friends laugh all the time. I pray for Scott and my friend Renee and their family always.

Joan from Malverne

Rest in Peace, Scott Bart.

Regina Rochford

Although my husband and I never met Scott, we live in Malverne and frequently walk past his parents' and widow's home. Since there are never adequate words to express how deeply sad we are for all of you, what we can do is pray that God will give all of you the strength to survive. There isn't a time I pass by that I don't say a prayer for all of you.

Katie Foglio

Hard to believe a year has passed. Bart family, my thoughts are with you!

Mary LaPoma

Scott was my cousin and one of my best friends. I loved him very much and I always will. He was definitly the most amazing person I ever knew and always looked up to him 24-7. Scott was a great and wonderful person who had a big heart. I will never forget all the fun times that we had together. I will always remember the advice he gave me. I will always remember how much love Scott had for everyone. At my sweet16 I had a special candle lit for Scott. the song played was I'll Remember by Madonna. I first heard the song on the radio and thought it was beautiful. My special song that has a special memory with Scott is A Whole New World from the Aladdin soundtrack. I can show you the world,Shining, shimmering, splendid.Tell me, princess, now when did,You last let your heart decide?I can open your eyes,Take you wonder by wonder.Over, sideways and under,
On a magic carpet ride.A whole new world,No one to tell us no,Or where to go,Or say we're only dreaming. I'm not going to finish the rest of the song it would be too long but it was our special song and as a child when we hung out he would always sing it to me,sometimes I would even sing along! GOD BLESS EVERY1!!


Scott's sister Renee was a good friend of mine in high school and I can remember Scott being around when I'd go over their house. I remember him as being a very talented, happy person whom Renee loved and looked up to. My thoughts and prayers are with the Bart family. May God bless and keep you always.

Carlos Almonte

Scott was one of my best friends from college. We were in the same vocal group, and shared many great times together. I was part of his wedding party a month before the tragedy. Scott is definitely one of the brightest, fun-loving people I have ever come to know. Anyone who ever knew him personally would know exactly what I mean! I don't think I ever knew anyone as quick witted as he. Whenever there was heavy laughter in the room, you knew where to find him! He was also one of the most loyal friends anyone could have. I do miss him dearly. And I continue to pray that God will help assuage the bereavement of Scott's family.


I never met Scott, but I met his sister who is a warm, beautiful person. Listening to her talk about her brother and the love between them and their family was incredible. Through his sister, I saw what a loving brother and caring person he was. I wish the family finds a peaceful place resting in the knowledge that his spirit surrounds them.

Michelle Burgio

My thoughts and prayers are with Scott's family and friends. I will always remember him fondly.