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Arthur T. Barry
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: New York Fire Department

New York, NY 
Age: 35

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Cheryl Smith

Dear Eileen and Kevin Christie, 9/19/03
I am very sorry, I just read your note to me. I do not know when you posted your message. Please contact me (smithc@zclaw.com / work e-mail), this site does not give out the e-mail address so I have no way of knowing yours. I was in contact with Nicole Barry, if I remember right a second cousin, but have lost touch with her. I tried to send her my bracelet this year (03) but she must have moved because it was returned to me.
I was overjoyed to see that someone responded to my message and very upset with myself for not checking this site sooner. I would love to send it to Arthurs' mother if possible. Please contact me.

Lena Bookin

Dear Barry family,

Today I received a memorial bracelet I purchased from Macy's.com -- proceeds from the sale go the the victim's of 911.

Please know that I will pray for Arthur T. Barry, I will let others know how he loved to ride motercycles and that he bravely joined others on his day off to help in the tragedy of 9-11-01.

I will gladly send you the bracelet if it brings you comfort - please email me if this message reaches you.

God Bless, with love from our family

Lena & Eric Bookin

Kevin and Eileen Christie

Dear Cheryl:

A friend of ours forwarded us this website regarding your message about Arthur. It was wonderful to see that you are paying tribute to him by wearing his memorial bracelet and that he was your "guardian angel" when you flew during the holidays. We had recently taken a trip to Ireland and I was also nervous about flying and brought a few of our friends along (their memorial cards) and my rosary to help me during our flight.

I do not think that Arthur's parents would have access to the web so I will be sure to get them your message.

My husband and I will be in a 4-mile memorial day run/walk on Memorial Day weekend. It is usually held to honor veterans but this year you can run/walk in memory of a World Trade Center victim so one of us will be walking in honor of Arthur and the other will be in honor of Fire Lt. Joseph Gullickson another one of our friends who was a 9/11 hero.

Many thanks for all of your prayers for Arthur and the Barry Family. Please e-mail me and I will get you into contact with them.

God Bless,

Eileen & Kevin Christie

Cheryl Smith

Mrs. Berry:
I wish to express my deepest sympathy to your whole family for the loss of Arthur. I know you and your husband must be very proud for what your son stood for.

I am trying to contact you because I am wearing a hope memorial bracelet that bears your son's name. I would very much like to see it make it's way to your arms. There are many bracelets floating around out there, many I have heard are being sold for profit. The bracelet that I am wearing was made by a jeweler here in Columbus, OH and he is not charging for them. The man has been wonderful and makes them on his own time. His reason for doing this is so they all make their way to the family of the fallen hero. There have been several news stories both local and national (CBS' 48 hours)regarding this jeweler and a friend who presented the bracelet to a firefighter that made it's way to Mrs. Downey.

In honor of your son I am wearing the bracelet but I feel it is time for it to come home. He was my angel when I flew at Christmas time, I felt completely safe. I only offer you this gift out of respect for your son and all the other heroes we lost that day.

If you would be so gracious as to accept my gift, please e-mail me.

God Bless