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Japhet J. Aryee
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: New York State Department Of Taxation And Finance

Spring Valley, NY 
Age: 49

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we thank god what you are doing there

Cheyanne from San Diego

To the family of Japhet J. Aryee, hi, Iam cheyanne, a 16 year old high school student.
I live in San Diego, California.
The local radio station star 100.7
had a tribute to the victims families by reading the name of one person who had died on sept. 11, and then ringing the freedom bell. I was honnered to read aloud to the people in San Diego county "In loving rememberace of Japhet J. Aryee."
On the whole day of sept. 11 I prodly wore a badge that had Japhets name on it. Even though I dont know Japhet or anything about his life or family, I havent even been able to find a photo of him on the web I was honnered to remember him on that day and I just wanted his friends and family to know that he is loved and remembered all the way across the contry. love cheyanne. May God bless you.