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Christopher Lee Burford
Pentagon, Virginia
branch: navy
floor: 3d

Hubert, NC 
Age: 23
U.S. Navy

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Ben Straight

Oddly, when we reflect on events of our past, we often realize how they have affected our future and our current reality. Chris was my best friend and brother for my last two years of high school at White Oak and then throughout college. I was in my first semester of graduate school when 9/11 happened, and I immediately joined Army ROTC out of emotion. I met my wife through ROTC and we now have a beautiful son, Gaven Noel-Christopher Straight [check out the middle name]. Anyway, I was only in the Army for 14 months when I sustained a horrible injury to my cervical spine. Eventually, I underwent surgery and had my spine rebuilt as 1/3 of it is now titanium. The Army deemed me unfit for duty and today is my last day on Active Duty.

If Chris had not passed, I never would have joined the military, met my wife, had the joy of being a father, or suffered the spine injury. I believe that everything happens for a reason- that is all that we have in trying times in our lives.

Chris's death reminds me of how precious life is. Each day, I reflect how lucky I am to have my wife, son, and health. I often watch my son sleep, pray over him, and wonder how Mr. Burford dealt with the death of his son. I cannot imagine the horror, pain, and anger that he felt and will forever feel. Such senseless violence that destroyed and forever changed lives and the course of country's foreign policy forever.

Some events in life will never make sense. The best that any of us can for the deceased is to keep them alive through memory and discussion. I will never, never forget the absolute love for life that Chris had. It was infectious and impossible to be down or depressed when he was around. I attempt to emulate that each day. That is how I keep Chris alive...

I can be reached at benstraight2000@yahoo.com for anyone who wishes to converse or connect...

God bless

Amy Williams

I have been trying to find a site for Chris or the "cheetah: for a long time. Chris was one of my first friends when I moved to Swansboro. My father knew his mother from work. I miss Chris very much and wish his family the best. I am very sorry for their loss. Chris always made me laugh and I have very fond memories of him singing Michael Jackson' "Bad" on a karoyoke machine at my house. I am hoping to find a picture of Chris because I want to make a shirt to wear in rememberance of him. My condolences---Amy smith Williams.

Sammi Jo

To a dear sweet cousin and friend who will be sadly missed by friends and family.. May you rest in peace and 1 day may we all be reunited on the other side Love ya man