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Fadil Al Ussam
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
tower: 1wtc
company: eSpeed

New York, NY 
Age: 45

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This goes to the familt.Hi my name is Amani.I can never say I know what your going through, but I do share your grief. When those towers came down the whole world crumbled with them.The Twin Towers weren't just buildings they repersented the life of America.I was in class when I heard the news, the first thing I thought about were all those people.My friend wrote a prayer for class for all those lost souls.I will never forget the silence of our school or the one line that will stay in my mind and my heart forever " They were men and women who had families,friends,children,jobs and they will never be forgotten"my friend said.My kids and my grand-children will learn about this historic event,and learn men and women lost there lives for the sake of Stopping terrorism. I live in Canada but I wish I lived in America, the day everyone pulled together in the country dispite religions or racies made me proud.From the bottom of my heart I am very sorry for your lose.
Thank you
From:Amani Sept 10/02