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Dr. Theresa Zywicki
World Trade Center, New York City, NY

Jersey City, NJ 

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Dear Doctor,
I am terribly sorry about your death, but i will always pray for you, for the peace in heaven with the creator, i hope that you will find your true peace and true happiness in heaven, i will always pray for you...


Your beloved life ended so sadly in our hearts. You came to this world with true wisdom and love. Yet, by the minds of the careless you became a casualty of our hearts. Seasons could have meant much more. As for me my seasons have been on and off. But my tears for fellow creatures resurrects my ideal state of existence. I do not know where heaven is yet, but I do hope that no one becomes such a vulnerable tear of our minds. So, dearest Doctor and noble friends of these towers I give my late and sad farewell to thee. Still as life may seem the currents of wind shall bless all of thee. With love of a man searching for love of eternal beauty and rest, I ask almighty and most benevolent God to treat all kindly and to all early departed I give my ode of sorrows of Father time. May love endure all trails and may our frights all end with care. Amen

John King

Its hard to go on when one is lost but it is even harder not to go on for many reasons.