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Cici Aada
World Trade Center, New York City, NY

Jersey City, NJ 
Age: 22
Fiduciary Trust

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Your memory/story will not be forgotten, it will live on in those you left behind, those that loved you and those of us who did not have the fortune to know you. I am lifting your family in prayer asking our Heavenly Father to bless them, strengthen them and hold them near to Him. God bless all the families who suffered such tragic incomprehensible losses on that day. God Bless America.

from someone who cares

A prayer will be offered to Cici Aada and others who lost their lives during the 9/11 tragedy. May God give their families and friends strength. They will never be forgotten.


God rest your soul in peace
You will always be remembered by whom you knew and didn't know.
In this world of ours we truely miss you, but your remembrance is good as well. Don't worry but your family is among friends. And for the family "You will always be among friends".
What happened was a huge/ terriable mistake but thats what humans are and sometimes we go a little too far.
God rest your soul in peace.


You will forever be in our hearts and our prayers