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Alexis Oodala
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
company: Fiduciary Trust

New York City, NY 
Age: 24

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Hi my name is Emily. I do not know you personally- but my aunt Yvonne was a friend of yours. She & I both pray for you & your family. Rest In Peace.

Linda Sun

I met Alexis on my first day working for Fiduciary at the World Trade Center. She was kind, always smiling, and despite being 10 years younger than me, seemed to know everything. She was very imformative, and we became friends soon after.

About a year later, Alexis and I went on a trip to Iceland with some other co-workers. The whole trip was fantastic. The weather was great, but on the day we were going back to New York, the weather was horrible. There was a big storm, and the small plane we were in had to emergency land on the icy coast. Everyone was terribly frightened, except for Alexis. She was smiling and making jokes. She hated when other people were upset, and she always tried to get as mile on everyones face. And I think she did. Finally the plane went off again, and everyone was so thankful for Alexis.

On September 11th, I met with Alexis in the morning. Our offices were close to each other. She smiled and say her usual "Hi" before getting to work at her computer. When the plane hit our tower, no one knew what had happened. People were panicking, and when somebody yelled, "A Plane Just Crashed into the Tower!", the office turned to chaos. People were screaming and crying and running to the exits. Everyone but Alexis. She remained calm, and had a smile on the whole time, helping her co-workers to the exits. She and I finally made it to the exit, but we got split up halfway down. I knew she would survive. But I was wrong.

Alexis was never recovered. I know for a fact, though, that she kept on assisting people, and remained calm till the last minute.

Alexis, I miss you. You will always remain in my memories and thoughts. I can never forget you, neither cfan anyone else. You are truly a gift from god, and we all love you.