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Zhe Yun (Zi) Xiang
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
tower: 1wtc
floor: ?
company: Windows on the World

New York, NY 
Age: 28

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Anonymous Prayer

Dearest Mother/Father God, I am now here before You, in a place of peace within my heart. I am now visualizing the world as it was created - as one of love and peace and joy. And I ask that You, and the Angelic Realm, and the Saints and the Ascended Masters, and all Beings of Divine Light, join with me now, and send love and light and peace and blessings to the Earth and to all who call Earth home. I ask that You light the way and give hope to those in the darkest corners of the world.

I ask that, through me, your light shines - through my eyes, through the pores of my body, down through my feet, into the Earth. I further ask that, through me, and through all others who know You, that Your light shines forth into the hearts of all mankind, and beyond, out into the universe. I ask that Your Divine, unconditional love, and Your light and Your peace never stop; that it continues to build exponentially, until every one and every thing, everywhere, shines with Your love, and becomes whole in Your presence.

I thank You for the grace and peace which You now bestow upon humanity, upon the world, and upon all that is.

So be it. And it is done.