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Telmo Alvear
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Windows On The World

New York, NY 
Age: 25

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Fausto Velez

Telmo you will always be remembered as
the one that was "born to be free".
All of the family misses you, your wife will always love you and little
Steven "Tosty"is growing healthy. I
will tell Steven how great you were
and how you wanted him to be when he
grows up. I will always remember you as the great cousi you were. :)

Genesis Mendez

I just want to say that I really miss you.I know we really didn't use to talk to each other that much but your my cousin and I really miss all those sundays that you always use to come to my house I really miss but I guess I have to wait until I go to heaven where you are I just want to say god bless you .P.S your son is growing up so fast but he's still cute as always.

Luis Manzano


Although we never knew one another, I feel that both our lives (the struggle for success and happiness), were on the same path.

My name is Luis Manzano and I'm 25, a Flushing resident and a native of Colombia, as well as a proud American.

I read your profile and felt deeply touched. Like you, I love to cook. For myself as well as for friends and family. Especially pasta!

I pray for your soul, and for your family who misses you very much. In my own way, so do I. I wish we couldve been friends and I know we wouldve had so much in common. After all, we are brothers. As latinos, we must all stick together in harmony.
Goodbye my friend. I know that God has a special place for you in Heaven.