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Christopher Edward Allingham
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Cantor Fitzgerald

River Edge, NJ 
Age: 36
Municipal Bond Broker

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Donna Marie Allingham

I was searching the yahoo search engine for anything on the name Allingham and found That Christopher had died in the disaster. I am Donna Marie Allingham born Glasgow 30/09/66 of Edward and Rosemary Allingham. I was saddened to see his name appear and spookily that he had my fathers name and through another message board posted that his wife was also called Donna. All I wanted to say that was that I have added him to my nightly prayers and also best wishes to his wife and children. God Bless.


This goes out to the family of Mr. Allingham.

You will never know me, but that does not matter. Because right now, in this time of suffering, all that really is important is that I'm praying for you.

I do not know what religion you believe in, but that does not matter either. Whether you are Christain, Jewish, Muslim, Atheiest, etc., my prayers are with you. Take heart in knowing that you have a fellow American praying for you, even though we've never met and probably never will meet in this lifetime. I extend my prayers and sympathies to you. God bless the family of Mr. Allingham, and all those who felt the loss of 9/11.