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Edward L. Allegretto
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Cantor Fitzgerald

Colonia, NJ 
Age: 51
Convertible Bonds Broker

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To My Beloved Cousin, Edward Allegretto

When the Lord calls our loved ones home, he leaves a gift of memories in exchange. It was just unfortunate that you had to go the way you did, it is so sad for your Mom, Dad, Wife and Children. We all miss you Eddie, may you Rest in Peace, until we meet again.
Love you always,
Cousin Chickie

Jason Mook

Today, the reality of the events of September 11 have never been more real, than on that day. Yesterday, in church, we picked names from a basket... a basket that contained the names of people that lost their lives on that day. We decided to make it our mission, to pray for the families of the names that we drew. Yesterday, I drew the name of Edward L. Allegretto. I came into work this morning, thinking that I would do a search on Edward, however, I didn't believe that I would find much. To my surprise, it has been quite the contrary. His obituary, tons of memorial writings from family, friends and people like me that never knew him, and even his picture. If I had known I was going to find all of this, I might have asked God to not let me search this morning. It's easier to pray for Edward's family when you don't know anything about him, or his family. When you don't know what he looks like. But now I do... and it breaks my heart. My resolve to pray for Edward's family is greater than it was at 8am this morning. To say that I haven't felt a little immunity, living on the other side of the country would be a lie... but after reading all I have about Edward, I can't help but feel more love for not only my own family and friends, but of strangers... great men and women that I share this great country with.... and especially Edward and his family. God Bless.

Brian Madden

I'd like to take the time to give my deepest respects to Mr. Allegretto and family and thank God for giving him to us, although he was taken all too soon. He will be forever missed and forever loved.

Christina Allegretto

For Eddie:

Eddie you are in our thoughts and prayers. Your beautiful disposition and smiles are something no one can take away from us.

Love from your cousins,
James, Mary, Christina and Jon Allegretto