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Angelene C. Carter
Pentagon, Virginia
Employer: U.S. Army

Forrestville, MD 
Age: 51

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freddye jean carter

I am Angelene's youngest daughter. My mom would call me her babyand i would call my mommma my best friend cause she was. I cry all the time because of course like many people i thought my momma would live like forever or at least along time cause she was so beautiful and a GODLY woman. it was funny one day how i was writing he rname all in a journal page of mines and i looked at the first 5 letters of her name relaized it spelled out Angel. And thats what she was on earth and i know thats what she is in heaven. its still hard for me to accept the fact that shes gone but inside me i will make sure her memory lives on.

Deloise C. Thorne

Angelene, my sister was my best friend. I was two grades ahead of her in high school, but we were always together. Some of the other students would ask us why we were always together and lived in the same house. We would just laugh and say, we just enjoy being together. We were friends all while I was in college and while I lived in Washington, DC. When I got married and moved away, we continued to share time on the phone and we would send each other cards. We would see each other once a year. We both enjoyed riding the rollercoasters because she said it is not fund, if we do not scream. We looked alot alike and people would sometime get us mixed up. I use to say, I am the nice one. If someone snapped at you, or wouldn't tell you her name it was my sister. The last time I saw Angelene was August 4, 2001. She gave me some personal papers and a book on faith. I spoke to her on the phone and by email in September. She let me know she was moving to a new office. There is so much that I can say about me and my sister because I have many great memories.
I have faith that God had an angel watching over Angelene because he will not allow no more on us than what we can bear, and she was snatched away in the twinkle of an eye. I think of her often and cherish many wonderful memories.

Deloise C. Thorne,
Hinesville, GA
Angelene's sister

Monica Marie Bessom. NM

I also wear a mercy band bearing the name of Angelene C Carter. I am a resident of NM. I pray for all that suffer the loss of this woman and will continue to bear her name everyday.

Ginny Barnett

I just purchased a memorial bracelet bearing Angelene Carter's name. The proceeds will go to a victim relief fund. I will wear her name with pride and I will keep her family in my thoughts through this difficult time.