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Allen Boyle
Pentagon, Virginia

Fredericksburg, VA 
Age: 30

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robert hohn

thank you for remembering my brother allen.
he was a good man, husband to a lovely wife,father to his kids(his form af dicipline was "yo dude you dont want to do that"i dont know where he learned these skills but it wasent like that growing up.
allen lost both his parents when he was young.
like his son dylan says"my daddy got hurt at work,my daddys with jesus."
smart kid
let the pease of the lord be with you and your familys always.
love robert hohn
schenectady new york

Lisa La Falce

Al was always a great kid. We all grew up together; lived around the block from one another for years and years. Al hung out at our house quite a lot. My brother Chris La Falce and Al were the best of friends back in the day--playing guitars and all that stuff.
Even though Al faced a lot of tragedy in his young life, he was always a positive, wonderful person.
I pray for those he left behind; I wish all of the best for them and I hope that they can find some peace.

Chris Garrison

Allen was always a free spirited kid. He always had a smile on his face. Thats how I remember him. God heals all wounds. May God Bless those he left behind and give them strenght.